Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Whew, Where Did the Month Go? Oh, and How Did that Branch Get on in My Roof!?!?

Man, I have been either busy or lost most of the month! First, my family was hit with serious stomach flu! Then, we just had too much of everything to catch up on like my Christmas projects and house work, to do too much blogging! Now, we have had no power a few days out of the last 4 or so and on top of that we had a tree branch poke a hole in our roof!

More about that!!!

I was not pleased to be jerked awake by the sound of a tree branch, several by the end of the night, hitting the roof right above my bedroom! I jumped out of bed and grabbed the two littlest in the family and headed for the livingroom. After getting some sense about me, I went back for my husband and told him he really needed to come out there with us. I am serious about just how scary that was! It was soooo awful! I pulled the love seat into the middle of the room and he laid on that, while I positioned myself for the least amount of discomfort in the chair! Then, I decided that I did not really want my kids in the bedrooms that they sleep in either, because of the big trees around them! Well, I woke them all up, which did not go so well, and then I pulled the couch into the center of the room too, because the living room is right off of my bedroom, so limbs falling over my room could hit the living room too--and did! After more than three miserable hours of NO SLEEP, I finally decided to give up and try and get some rest. My long needed sleep lasted an hour and then I got right back up again, because I just could not sleep in that chair! Especially not with the baby in my arms! About 45 minutes to an hour after I got up, the power went out and was out all day, until almost dark! I was not pleased, but it was not terrible, because we have giant windows in our living room, therefore having plenty of light, until night fall, which was almost upon us when the power FINALLY came back on!

I have never breathed a bigger breath of relief!

Until, my husband begrudgingly climbed atop the roof and found the softball sized hole in our roof! He became the crabbiest man alive at that very moment! I immediately got on the cell phone, of course we have modem phone, so we did not have our phone to use either, with our insurance company. The adjuster was at the house assessing damage before our power was even back on! I was impressed! He was very nice and hopefully will have some sort of good news for us! Of course, that side of our roof is the side that did not need to be replaced! HA! Not much luck with things like that!!!!!

Ok, done rambling!

Just know that if you have not talked to me, I am neck deep in baking, projecting, and crocheting and we have a family Christmas tomorrow!

Have and blessed and wonderful Christmas!


Marcia said...

Oh man! That sounds like a nightmare. I'm glad you all came through it safe and sound and that the one hole was the extent of the damage (though that would be a hassle!). Happy Christmas in spite of it all.

Snot Head said...

You are going nuts and you didn't even put things off to the last minute. I am so disappointed with this Christmas season. If it's not one thing, it's another. The whole season is supposed to be about love and giving and family, but I can't seem to make myself feel any of that love, especially for the two boys in my house right now! I know I love them, but they could not be any more dense at this point!

WA said...

Oh, my gosh. You have had quite the xmas adventure, haven't you?

Momma B said...

You had better believe it lady! It has been a whirl wind adventure, mis-adventure? Oh hell, I don't know, but it is has been a long winter already, I know that for sure!