Wednesday, September 23, 2009


I knew that my 200th post should be a big one, ha, not really! I am not really like that, but if my 200th post should have been a big one, I think this is the biggest big one it could be. It is not happy though. I was reading one of the blogs that I follow and found this post. Please say a prayer for Chloe. My heart goes out to them!

During the time I was reading up on some blogs I read about this beautiful family.

They are the Sullivan Family and they truly need our

From what I read this is a family of a Husband/Wife and a adorable baby names Chloe. The Wife named Sara had breast cancer while she was pregnant with Chloe. She had Chloe last week and they were home just two days when things took a turn and Sara began to have a seizure. Since then she was put on life support and yesterday she went onto Heaven. The Husband is now to care for Chloe...

I know that our God knows the situation and he has a greater plan than we could ever imagine..

Please I ask that you would pray for them and stop by their blog and leave some words of encouragement & love.

Thank you,


Tuesday, September 22, 2009


I made it into the Etsy Spotlight! My Halloween Candy Cauldron made it into the Storque Spotlight on! I am SOOOOOOO honored, I could flip!


Yay me!

Hey, don't take it from me! I don't WiN very often and I am really feelin' like I did something right here! Maybe not, but they picked me and that feels good!

Now, back to crocheting my fingers off, so I can get my other order done!

Be back soon, I hope!

Monday, September 21, 2009

Here, now, we are catching up to the herd of Sweet Ants, making their trek for water across the wild wetlands known as the Bathroom Sinkengetti, when out of nowhere, there is a thunderous noise! What is that noise? Why, it seems to be coming from EVERYWHERE! That's right little ants, scurry! Scurry with all your might! There might be a chance if you can make it to the narrow space between the bathroom sink and the wall!

The signal of terror has been sounded and all of the ants charge back up the basin of the sink, their only intent is to get out of harms way! They have little hope! All hope is taken from them in one swipe as the giant beast they only know as MommaB swings her enormous and relentless hand down upon them, crushing half the herd with one smashing blow! That MommaB really is a beast! She says a whole slew of words that make no sense to the herd, but certainly mean death to all who enter!

With another swipe of her hand, she takes out the rest of the herd and thoughtlessly washes them down the sink, dead and alive alike.

Today we mourn the loss of the Sweet Ant herd that dared to make the trek across the wet Sinkengetti!

Friday, September 18, 2009

Gone Crazy!

Be back soon, if you're lucky!

Honestly, I have just started to some wholesale work for a lady and I will not be seeing much of you all for a while, but I will be thinking about you all! Some day, maybe I will just have a catch up day and see what I have been missing!

Farewell for a little while!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

You Get Me, Right?

Words to live by, my friends! Words to live by!

Monday, September 14, 2009

Why Is It...

Why is it that I decide I am going to do yoga and the little girls decide they are going to do yoga too? I mean, really! Why?! Why don't they let me breathe? I don't need any good mommy mumbo jumbo here either! I am talking about doing the Downward Dog with a head between my legs! I mean doing a plank with a monkey on my back! I try to lower myself down into a child's pose and smashing a small child, who refuses to get back, because momma' big butt is headed straight for her! I think I did yoga for 6 minutes before giving up, this time! I am AHHHHHHHH frustrated! Oh, it's time for 10 minute segment #2! Standby for more mommy drama!

Friday, September 11, 2009

For all of you creepy people...ha, just kidding, but...

I am not sure how it works when a post is updated, so for all of you who were wondering what I meant by the killer rash I got from picking those wild flowers, go back to my post about it and you will see the pic I put on there, from yesterday before I made it to the dr.!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

This is a pic I took with my phone, yesterday, before I went into the doctor's office. You like it?

*update* I am allergic to the beauties that are best left wild, so I guess it wasn't the bugs afterall! They gave me a SHOT and told me to take Claritin and go on about my itchy business! I only went, because I kept getting new welts and well, you know, looking like a leper is not something I am fond of!

My DUMB ASS (yep, I said it) decided to pick some wild flowers out of a ditch on my way home from getting diapers today. I have been eyeballing them for weeks, because they are bright yellow and they are beautiful!

The only problem is that they had these little black bugs all over them, so I thought I would just shake off the bugs! When that did not work, I hit them on the ground, until I decided the bugs were not going to come off, so I discarded them, or left them for dead, rather, in the middle of the country road! This is all well and good, right? There were a few of those bugs stuck to my hand, so I wiped them off on my pants and got back into my car.

Still good, right? Yep, or so I thought, until I went out to take my son, Z, to football practice. I got into the suburban and started driving. By the time I made it two miles out of town, my finger, right up around my ring, started to itch. This is not abnormal, considering the allergies that I have. After a little while, I realize the itch is traveling up my forearm. Still within the boundaries of normal itchy cooties, for me, but then I decided to throw some food in the crock pot and head back out to the park, with a few of the kids. We had a good time, short, but good, but I just kept itching like MAD! I am so stinking itchy that I decided to take Benadryl! I am COVERED in little and larger than little bites! They all itch so stinkin' bad I could scream! I am itching, as I type!

There are patches and clumps and welts and no I don't think I have poison anything! I think those little bastards got revenge on me for beating their family to death on the road!

Great idea, MommaB! You just had to have those pretty flowers for your table!!


Saturday, September 5, 2009

An Affair To Remember!

Yep, that is ME in a DRESS!

I won't steal my sister's thunder by posting a picture of her whole wedding party, or her at all, but I thought I could get by with this!

This is something you won't often see!

Ok, so maybe I meant to say NEVER AGAIN!

I am convinced that dresses are not for me, but I kinda, almost, might have liked this dress.

I might even, possibly, sometime wear it again?

Others pictured here? The groom and two of my younger brothers!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

I Give You Jack!

Yes, this is Jack!

Or, rather, this is my version of Jack Skellington!

Isn't he cute?

What, you think he is creepy?


He is going to be a flower girl basket at my sister's wedding!

Don't look so appalled!

My sister's husband to be, really soon actually, has not gotten lucky enough to have his tastes reflected in anything in the wedding, other than the cake topper, but that is a whole other blog entry, so I made a little basket for one of the flower girls. The first basket is made of elegant brown silk. This one, is made of ELEGANT acrylic yarn! Yep, I said it, ELEGANT yarn! ha! I love yarn, but who am I kidding?!? Either way, it is cute, because it is a flair of personality, rather than the same old thing that everyone else who has ever gotten married has had! I am proud to help out!

I might add that he is a big fan of the movie the Nightmare Before Christmas. That explains the need for Jack's presence at the wedding!

Have a goulish, I mean great, day!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

If You Can't...

If you can't laugh at yourself, who can? Good question, right?

Great question until about 4 o'clock this afternoon, when I was finishing up putting groceries away. I take grandma, when she needs to go and today happened to be one of those days. All went fairly well, although the stores seemed to be packed. Dropping her off went smoothly and even unloading my car of kids and food! I am still fairly thankful for that!

But, I wish I knew where it all went wrong! I heard my husband pull up in the drive and I thought that I should finish putting the last few boxes of cereal away quickly, so I could run out the door and ask him to bring the juice boxes and diapers and wipes in, when he came in. I turned around quickly and rose up from the floor even faster and that, my internet friends, is when it happened! I busted my nose on the open cabinet door! I immediately realized that I could not see, so I crouched down on the floor! I waited there for a few seconds (most of forever) until my eyes were able to focus. My next step was to check for blood! My nose must have started running in sympathy for itself, because I would have sworn that I was going to be bleeding! Much to my delight, I was not! Ok, so maybe there was no delight any where to be found, but go with me on this, k?! I rose to my feet. I walked around in circles a bit and then out to the living room. After I realized that I was going to live, I started to cry. *@!% that hurt! I was so UGH!

Right about the time I had the "I'm gonna live" epiphany, my husband walked in and asked what was wrong! KILL ME! I mean, to say that I asked him to get the juice boxes and the diapers, through my tears.

Next grocery trip, he is putting EVERYTHING in those vile cabinets!

The boy.

The boy stayed home sick from football practice yesterday. Turns out, he was feeling a little more sadness than he wanted to let on. He said his head, back and stomach hurt. I had arranged to pick another boy up, or so I thought, so I just went into town anyway. When I got home, my husband and I, plus the three smallest kids, went for a bike ride, while S jogged. (still love my bike trailer!) When we got home from the bike ride, I made milkshakes! Yep, a little exercise and then a lot of garbage! In my defense, you should try pulling that trailer!

Around 8:30, which is extremely early for me, I decided to TRY to get the littlest one off to bed, which never really goes well. I decided that I would just read my book and see if she would take the bait. HA! Nice try, Lady! She had a ball running back and forth between me and her daddy, though. Finally, around 9, I shut the light off. I have been very tired lately. I am sure stress is a factor, but I know it will let up again soon, so I am not too concerned with it. While I was laying there, Z came in.

Fresh from his shower, Z came in and sat on the edge of my bed. After a few questions about why we did not keep Stafa inside, so she would have had a longer life, he was laying at the end of my bed. I don't think he ever started to cry, but he was deeply hurt by the loss of his dog. He said he had a hard time focusing on anything since her death. He said he does not want anything to do with our other dog (maybe afraid to get close to her, because she will die one day too?). I told him that she is hurting too. She lost her best friend too. She is so sad. She is a DUMB dog, but she is also a pretty good girl and she will learn as she goes along. He seemed alright with that.

I told him that the way he misses Stafa is the pain I feel when I think about my mom. It seems crazy that he would miss the dog more than he misses a human, but the dog was ALWAYS there for him. She never had to work, or take care of anything else. She was just there! He loved her so much. He seems so sad. It makes me sad, hurt down deep in your heart kind of sad.

I gave him the speech I give myself about my mom's death. You do not have to get OVER the loss of someone. EVER! You merely have to be able to get THROUGH the pain you feel from the loss. Some day, you will look on memories fondly, with a little sadness, whereas, you feel a lot of pain now and are not well able to think fondly. It is ok. Time is truly the distance your heart needs to let your mind cope with what you have been through.

I hope you are all well.