Sunday, May 31, 2009

The Cookie Fairy Was Here...

The cookie fairy was here and...


Thanks cookie fairy! We shared the loot though, because I could not stand the idea of keeping all of the cookie goodness to ourselves!

Saturday, May 30, 2009

I Am Sad...

I was missing my mom last night.

I think I lost my mind.

I was not mean to my family.

Not rude or unkind.

I have been doing something different.

Just packing thoughts inside.

It is not wise. No, its not good.

It hurts down deep inside.

I feel like I ask too much to let those feelings show.

I feel like, by now, I should have let those feelings go.

In some ways I have. In some ways I'm good.

In some ways I've gone on, the way I think I should.

Either way, I was missing my mom last night, in a way no other could.

Friday, May 29, 2009

I Love Buttons!

This is the address to the button lady! I love, love, love, love, love buttons and she is giving them away! The really cool buttons! The looks great on a hat buttons! The only cool people wear these buttons buttons! I would love to win more buttons! I am not intentionally competing against my sister, but I am a BUTTON FREAK!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Did I Mention...

Did I happen to mention that my family had a nice day on Memorial day? Did I mention introducing our children to our dead? Did I mention that I think it is everyone's right to know where their family's dead are located? Did I mention that it is very important to me? Did I mention that I enjoyed every bit of it, even if they do not fully understand the importance of this?


I would hate not to have mentioned any of those things!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Ahem, Attention Please!

Ok, I have a complaint and I want to make sure the world can hear it! I would like to know why every little business, who already sweats under the pressure of all that goes on in this great nation, is struggling even more now? There has been much debate about how to create an uphill slide to counter act the downhill slide we have been feeling for the last year or longer. But, noone said anything about the little guys? As you have probably already figured out, my husband works for a little guy company and his job is becoming more and more uncertain as time goes on. We have been feeling like ants under a magnifying glass for a while anyway and it just seems to be getting worse!

I do have a point!

The point I want to make is this: if the president came up with an economy saving plan to bail out so many of the major companies, why did he not stipulate the said companies must buy their parts American? If this were required, almost all of the little companies that are folding would feel an economic boost of their own.

Any thoughts? I am seriously ready or answers!

Friday, May 22, 2009

Opinions Please...

Ok, so I know I just said I was going on holiday, but I wrote something for a woman, in my church, who lost her husband to cancer yesterday. I need to know if I should pass it on, or keep it to myself. Thanks in advance for your comments!

I am sorry you are grieving.

I am sorry you are sad.

I am sorry you have lost the one you called your husband and your friend.

I promised you I'd take him home and that I surely did.

I also promised to care for him and love him as you would.

You see, my love is great and strong, like none you can comprehend.

But, when you get to my Heavenly gates, you will understand.

Until then, let your heart mend with this very thought then,

I am taking care of him now and in your heart he will never be forgotten.

Enough Already!

I think I have had enough little girl drama for one day. I think it is time to run away!

Enjoy your lives ladies! I might return to mine next week, but for now, I am going on a mental vacation!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Change of Heart?

My husband seems to have had a change of heart. He called me just now saying that Sadie will be returning before the boy gets off the bus! I am happy! I am still a little sad though, because the man who took her had his heart set on having another dog. His dog had died, I think, a year or so ago and he had been looking for a black lab female. She was going to bring some real joy to his life. On the other hand, the sadness is was bringing to our home was not something that would fade quickly. I am glad she is coming back! Did I say that? Not that we were friends or anything, but she will be home, where she belongs!

Please remind me of my kind words toward her the next time she breaks a chain, ok?

Sadie is Gone

Sadie is gone. I am so sad and mad and hurt that no one would listen to me when I said I did not want to get rid of her. I did want to get rid of her a little over a week ago. She has been a lot of trouble between breaking chains that we can not afford to replace and chewing up things that she should not be. I even sent a message out to all of my friends with a cell phone, because I was so tired of her chewing up things that meant something to someone. What I mean by chewing things up is that she would reach high and low to get things she should not have and chew them to shreds. I was no longer worrying about getting rid of her. I felt like she might be growing up a little. She stopped barking so much throughout the day. I had gotten her some rawhide chews and she had not been chewing on anything she should not have been. I was fine with keeping her in our family.

Then, my neighbor came over and said he found her a home. I was reluctant, but agreed for him to come and talk about it. My husband was more than happy to talk about a new home for her. I told him when the neighbor left that I did not think Z would be able to let her go. He let Z decide whether or not he wanted to go with the neighbor to take her to her new home. Z decided to go. They were going to go the next day, which was yesterday. I said AGAIN that I did not think I could do it.

Yesterday came and Z got home from school. He had to finish a job that he had left from the Monday before he could do anything. He did that and said he was going to the neighbor's house. He did not ever come and tell me he was taking Sadie. He did not say he was leaving at all, which is not the way the life an 11 year old works, but whatever! Anyway, the next thing I knew Ponch said that Z was leaving with the neighbor. I said his name, but it was too late. They were off. No one got to tell her good bye.

The other kids were upset. One thought the other person was only taking her to train her and give her back. One of them was crying. I had been crying all afternoon, because I told my husband I did not want to get rid of her and he just would not hear it. I love feeling like my opinion means nothing! Ponch was a little upset and she did not even like Sadie. And, Meeeeema calls out for Teedee all the time. She loves Sadie. How do you explain that she is gone to a one year old? Or, a two year old for that matter?

My son, Z, got back when I was leaving to take Ponch to practice. I could not even look at him as we passed him on the road. I have a lot of bad feelings about a kid who is so eager to get rid of his best friend. I just don't understand it! After we left practice, Ponch and I were driving down the road and who do we see, but our dog on someone else's leash! I was bawling. I stopped to see her for a minute. I told the girl that I did not want my husband to get rid of her. She assured me that the dog would have a good home. I don't know if I care!? I think it is wrong to uproot her. We only took her because someone was going to send her to the pound. I still don't think she deserves to be swithcing homes again!

Today, I still feel awful about it. I still am upset. Z is upset. He thinks he made the wrong decision. He misses her energy. He misses her playful ways. He misses his best friend.

I am mad that he was not stopped from making that decision and that no one considered my thoughts. I did not hide what I was thinking. I was very up front and open about it.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Now, This Is Good!

Yesterday Ponch was home sick. She woke up looking a little weak and really puffy eyed. I told her if she did not feel good that she should go back to bed. She happily trotted off to the bedroom and went back to sleep for about 3 hours. She got up and started bugging me! She took a good hot shower and felt refreshed! She wanted nothing more but to go back to school, but with all of the Swine Flu freaking out going on, I would not let her go back to school until today. I did, however, let her play outside once the other kids got home. I did not see a problem with that.

So, this morning, Bucko decides that he is not planning on getting out of bed. He wasted 15 minutes of his time by just not getting up. I made him eat Pop Tarts. His response TEARS! Too bad! You reap what you sow!

Anyway, he finds his way to the living room, after a less than thrilling breakfast and started trying to dream up ways to tell me that he was sick. It was a good show, but not good enough to fool mom! He started by telling me his chest hurt. I asked why and he said that he felt like throwing up. When that didn't work, he told me that he did not like Math! Oh, valid reason for missing school, right? Sure. NOPE! Finally, he says, "well, you let A(Ponch) when she was home sick!" Oh, I know you are not playing every possible card to get a day off of school! I just told him he had to go and was going to be in huge trouble if he did not get on that bus!

What a deal! I have a kid trying to connive, but he is completely skill-less! Did I mention that he is 6? Not the best with the lying just yet! And, he probably never will be! I hope not anyway!

Monday, May 18, 2009

WooHoo for "Not Me" Monday!

Welcome to Not Me! Monday! This blog carnival was created by MckMama. You can head over to her blog to read what she and everyone else have not been doing this week.

I have been considering this for a while. I think we all need a little "not me" therapy!

I know I'm on board! There is plenty of "not me" in my life! How about you?

Over the course of the last week, I did not skip my cleaning routine for the entire weekend, no "not me!" I did not let some of my bigger kids spend an entire weekend without showering either, no "not me!" I was not sooooo wrapped up in my crochet projects that I hardly noticed, no "not me!" I also did not almost have a complete and total baby fit, because my husband and kids wanted to go shopping with me on Saturday, no "not me!" I would never, could never and should never behave worse than my children about something that matters so little, no "not me!"

Now, it is your turn to join in and let me know what you did not do this week! I am sure you can all think of something! You can either add this to your own blog, using the directions on MckMama's blog or you can just respond to mine!

Have a great week everyone!

Friday, May 15, 2009

My Kid

My kid does not ever give me much to go on. She is 9. She does not act like she likes me or others or anything in particular very often. She is very intelligent and extremely hard to deal with. She got an award Monday at school for achievement in all categories. She was happy about that. She can be loving. She can be caring. She can be difficult. She can be crass. And then, there are times when she just goes and does it...

Last night we were sitting on my bed. I was crocheting, which is what I used as my official down time before I go to sleep. I had asked Ponch to help me decorate some of the musical instruments that I am working on for a Sunday school project. Out of nowhere, she sat up and said, "when I grow up, I am going to (pause) recycle and adopt kids. The whole bit." Blown away, and on the verge of tears, I say, "where did all of this come from?" She was so nonchalant and just replied, "well, I am not going to adopt 7 kids. Maybe 3." I had tears spilling down my cheeks, much like the ones I have now. I was so touched. I told her that I always worried that bringing other kids into the lives of the ones we already had might screw up their lives in some way. She was so puzzled. She simply could not figure out why I would feel that way.

I could actually hear the angels sing.

Doing the right thing felt like the right thing last night, for real!

Yes, I hold on to small things, especially with her, because she gives so little.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Damned Storms!

Last night we knew before we went to bed that a bad storm would be rolling through our are sometime during the night, so we made the kids make a bed on our floor, so we would know they were safe. I was going to be able to sleep, with this in mind. Sure I was!!! I could not sleep and when I did, I was dreaming of helicopters crashing in our front yard!

Where does all of this crazy come from, you ask?

First off, I am cuh ray zee! DUH??? You all know this!

Secondly, this winter we had a really bad ice storm that dropped a branch onto and through our roof. As strange as it sounds, we have two layers of roof, because the house used to have a flat roof and that did not work out so well, so one of the previous owners put a pitched roof on it. Anyway, that means the branch only went through one layer of roof and we were not harmed by the damage it caused, but it scared us pretty badly! If you read that blog, you know that the branch fell right over my bedroom. The very place where we tucked our kids away for safe keeping!

Every time the wind would pick up---really, really pick up, I would jump or sit up and clutch Meeeema! S kept trying to figure out why I was freaking out. I guess he thought I thought a tornado was going to get us. I finally told him that I was afraid the tree was going to fall on us! I guess he thought about it a little too much too, because this morning brought sleepy eyes for him too!

Oh, the injustice! This is crap! I need sleepy! Or, at the very least, a whole lot of tea today!

Did I mention that I am hormonal? Look out world!

Monday, May 11, 2009

Come Here Boog...

Come here Boog.

Why mom?

Just come here.

Tay mom!

I need to see how long this hat needs to be.

Tay mom.

I need to use your melon for an example.

You need to use my melon for my apple?

Yes Boog!

No kidding! She just said this about 5 minutes ago!

She kills me!

Mother's Day

Mother's Day was really nice this year. Normally with holidays, I have some idea of what should occur and by the middle of the day, all of my ideas have flown right out the window!!! This year, I did not have many expectations and I got a great outcome! All I wanted to do was plant the flowers and work in my garden. I got this and a whole lot more!

First off, my little "angel baby" did not wake me up until 7:45. I have not slept that late in a loooong time! I was thankful for the extra hour +!!! Then, my husband decided to make me blueberry muffins for breakfast! I love them and never quite get around to making them, so this was a wonderful gift, in itself! Then, we went to church. We were 30 minutes late, as always! It just does not seem to work any better than that. Either way, S took the little kids home, while I stayed for Sunday School with the older ones. He was supposed to be back at 11:30 to get us, but something must not have worked out there, because we were almost all the way home by the time he got to us! We went straight to grandma's house, where he dropped me off and then he took all of the kids to go see his grandma!

Grandma is my mom's mom and since my mom is not here, I did not want her to be alone on MD. I think it is hard enough for her, although she never says much and I do not want to think of her sad on that day. I took grandma some pumpkin spiced chai. It is my favorite and she likes it too! She does not get out much, so it was a little treat for her.

My sister came to see grandma a little while after I had gotten there. Our brother, his girlfriend and our little brother all showed up a little while later. I think this visit was probably just what grandma needed. I am pretty sure she did not feel alone. I hope not anyway!

S came and got me at 2 and we went home to plant the garden. I know, I know, part of the garden was planted, but I had not gotten my peppers or tomatos until this weekend, so we had to get them in. And, for some reason, my garden resembled more of a weed patch than a garden, so that had to be done too. Anyway, S did not complain one time and he did most all of the hoeing and dug rows for me to plant. I even got more green beans seeded, since most of them did not come up. I am sooooo excited!

After the garden, we were on to the flowers and the four perennials we had gotten between the two of us. S always brings flowers home for MD and we always plant them together, but this year he had brought a few perennials home and I got two perennials too, so those are an addition that will not have to be replaced next year. As far as that goes, before I we got to the garden planted, the writer of "What the..." was here dropping off a St. John's Wort plant! The crazy thing is, and the reason she got the plant to begin with, that I take St. John's Wort religiously! She said it has beautiful flowers, so that is just a plus, right? Not to mention, she said it is possible, although probably not probable for me, to make your own SJW from that plant! Very thoughtful and rather humorous at the same time!

Jeez! We even got rained on! Meeeeema was in the play pen playing while Boog was napping in the house and all of a sudden it started raining. It was just sprinkling and then it got pretty hard, so we swooped Meeeeema out of the play pen and Z, our 11 year old, quickly carried it into the house. I left the front door open, with the play pen right in the door way. There were a few nasty flies in the house, but I was happy to be able to continue working. The rain had pretty well let up and I was not really planting a whole lot after that, but I was trying to clean up some and help get things back in order.

When we finally got all of the planting under control, S made spaghetti for supper. There was even garlic bread, although we should have had salad! Oh well! I even had more tea as I sat on my bed and crocheted. All of the kids came inside and wanted to give me their gifts. They were all great. Ponch gave me a tea bag and a paper kettle with a poem in it. She also gave me a cook book made by the third grade and their favorite recipe! I love it! B gave me a flower with his picture on it and a card. I love it! Bucko gave me a geranium that had been in his book bag allllll weekend long, a card/book, a little bag with bubble bath in it and a dvd from his class. I love it! I got a Hibiscus from my husband's grandma (she had Z pick it out for me for MD, so I am thinking she wanted him to have a gift?), which is absolutely beautiful! I guess I will post pics of all this on my pico-blog? Maybe?

And then S took pics of me with all of the kids. There are so many pics! The only problem is that I was trying to smile without my teeth showing, because we had spaghetti and I had not brushed my teeth again, so I was afraid of the dreaded black stuff in the teeth! UGH! I look like a dork! ALL THE TIME!

Sorry for the long windedness! Hope you had a great day!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009


And, the ballot is in!

He decided not to go!

The pay was not going to be worth it!

And, I did not even have to influence his decision!

Thank God!

And, the angels sing!

It would have been a shame for me to have to kill him!

Goiiiiiiing Crazy!

I am truly going crazy! I told a friend last night that I have nothing in me to blog about! I guess I should not have spoken so soon! I am pissed! My husband called me at 9:31 to tell me that "we have a problem." Oh ok? What ever could that be, I wonder? Well, lucky me, he proceeds to tell me that problem!

He says the boss came up to him just a few minutes before his break and ask him if he wants to go to FL for a few days! Gee, could he? Please tell me that my f'ing husband is being swept away to FL with another man! Not exactly the way I pictured it, but whatever!

Honestly, there has been a problem with some "bases" that they construct, so he and the foreman have been asked to go and fix them. I am pretty sure that he does not get paid enough to do any of the following: get on a plane and just leave until Monday, leave his 7 kids with there fruit cake mother, leave on less that 24 hours notice! I am pissed! Did I mention this? Oh, man! I can not even express how mad it makes me that he is considering it! He does not get it. I get the "well if you are going to be mad at me, I won't go" speech and all I am thinking is that if he does not know me by now...

MORON! WTF? Why would I want to do this? Money is not everything! I guess that mentality is why we are broke, but seriously! UGH!

My brain is screaming! And, the total kicker is that they don't even have details yet to let him know how "worth it" this trip is going to be??!~?!?!

bad words, bad words, and more bad words

and one closing thought...

Hey, happy freakin mother's day!

Sunday, May 3, 2009

New Blogger

I am proud to announce that we have a conversion! That's right, my non-blogging husband asked me to set him up with a blog for his pics! He only has one pic on here now, but he will be adding more, as time goes on.

Friday, May 1, 2009

In the Face of Death...

In the face of death,

have no fear.

In the face of death,

hold loved ones dear.

In the face of death,

shed a tear.

In the face of death,

life becomes clear.

In the face of death,

God is near.