Thursday, October 29, 2009

My Newest Creation!

I have been working on this new idea and here it is! Now, to perfect it and make it BEAUTIful!

Have a great day!

Monday, October 26, 2009

Overheard Them Playing...

Weend awound da wodsys

potets pull ob wodsys

atez, atez, we aw paw down!

Can you translate? How long has it been since you heard the sweet melody of words NOT well spoken? Do you miss it? As much as I protest now, I am sure I will too!

What Happens Next...

This is a question of which I can not speak, but would like to address, so PLEASE do not take offense! I will be skirting around an issue that is not about me, but easing my mind in doing so, so just flow with me on this one, ok?

What happens next? What happens when I finally realize that one wrong decision really can ruin my life? Where will I be? What will I be thinking? How will I handle it? What will I do? What happens next?

Will the door ever open again for me? Will I always feel alone? Will I understand my choices are the reason for my pain? What happens next?

What about my loved ones? What will they think? What will happen to them, in the time that I blink? What happens next?

How long will this go on? What will I be faced with? Will I survive the pain? What happens next?

How will I make it through this? How can I sustain, in this ever changing problem that I have created with no disdain? What happens next?

I must traverse, must make it through. There is nothing left to say, but what happens next?


Friday, October 23, 2009





IF my child, 9 year old she devil that she is, decides to say WHATEVER to me ONE MORE TIME...

I will sell her to the gypsies!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Getting to be a BIG GIRL!

No, not me, silly, although right about Thanksgiving, that will be a true statement too! My little Meeeeema is getting to be such a big girl that she decided to put her own pajamas on last night. As you can see, she decided to leave her shirt on, so as to make things easier, while slipping her pajama shirt over her head, gently, I assure you! Ha! You should have seen her wrestling, pulling, yanking and completely freaking out trying to put this shirt on! It was very funny! She started off in my bedroom, where she got the pajamas from in the first place, and she was shrieking, which I was getting really irritated with, so I went to see what all the noise was about, when she came walking through the hall way just like this! Too, too funny!

What is even better is that she would not have even looked at me, if she knew I had the camera. I had to say, "show mommy what you are screaming about!" That is when she turned around and I snapped this!

Hope you are having a great day!

Monday, October 19, 2009

Wouldn't You Like To Know?!?

My kids, among other things, are driving me nuts!

With that said, I think I'll go have more tea!

Have a great night!

Hope you are all doing well!

One more quick note, I am thinking about having a kiddie garage sale next weekend!

Yep, selling me some kiddies next weekend!

Ha, maybe I'm kidding?

But, after today, maybe not!

Friday, October 16, 2009

Please take a moment to click...

Follow this link to a great giveaway for an even better cause!

It'll only take a second of your time!

Again, no girl, mother, grandmother, sister, brother, father, uncle, aunt, bus driver, fire fighter, doctor, lawyer, grocery store clerk, or friend should ever have to loose someone TOO YOUNG to breast cancer!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Grief Quilt

I just wanted to drop a pic and show you the grief quilt I have been talking about, but in order to respect the family, I think I will only show you the one that is farther away. You will get to see my oldest boy that way. He is my clone. Poor kid, people even think he is me on the phone sometimes! Oh well, he'll grow out of that soon enough!

I can't tell you how rewarding it is to take one of these to a family who has lost someone they love! It is mentally taxing, but it is overwhelmingly rewarding too! I try to tie in some of the likes of the person lost, or in other cases, I try to tie in the likes of the recipient, depending on who it is for. In this case, I used some football material and his school colors. I like the way it turned out, flaws and all.

Hey, and this is one more thing marked off my list!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

I have nothing witty to say, so I won't say anything at all! ha! Ok, so you know I don't do well with saying nothing, but I won't be saying much, because we seem to have another sick kid on our hands.

All that has been going on lately is enough to drive me to eat mass quantities of chocolate, even if I have to take it in iv form and you know how I feel about needles!

Unfortunately, good behavior has not been at the top of the list for my kids, even though it is a the top of my list for them! So, that means I have been just a little stressed!

I am actively working on the grief quilt that I have promised out. I am excited and sad about that. I feel like it drags sadness out, while helping heal feelings of sadness and loss of my own family members each time I work on a grief quilt for someone.

As I type, my 9 year old is accosting my 21 month old for throwing all of her food on the floor, but she is the sick one, so why would she want to eat anyway!

So, for the record, I have not disappeared, although sometimes I would like to. I am no closer to seeing the light at the end of the tunnel, than I was the last time I wrote, but that's ok, because for a person like me, when I do see the light, I will probably be DEAD, so I will try and take being busy for what its worth and digest it the best that I can. I am thankful for my friends and family! I love them all dearly, even if my stress makes them want to choke me! And, I hope you are all doing well!

I am going back to sitting under a hot little girl, who wants her mommy and a "banket!"

Have a great day!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

stress, sanity, sickness, school

I am not really sure, but I am starting to think that I need a break! I don't know where or when I would squeeze one in though. You see, I have finally finished my oversized order and that feels great, but not really. My sister has an order too and I won't feel like I am all done, until she is all done. It is does not have anything to do with me, but that is the way I feel. Crazy, huh? Well, stay with me, because I will take you to planet Crazmar, where I am the reigning queen, and back in less than ten minutes!

I had this epiphany yesterday and it was not a good one! I have asked the family up the street if I could do a grief quilt for them. I love/hate doing these. I had never made a quilt at all before my mom died. When she died, I bought a sewing machine and made 16 lap sized quilts. I made them for her kids. I made them for her granddaughter, other than my own kids, and I made them for her best friends. I think that each time I made one, I healed a little. Also, though, each quilt brought out a few more feelings that made me sad, which is the reason for the love/hate relationship with these quilts. Anyway, back to the epiphany...I need to get this quilt done by the beginning of November, so the family can have it before the next anniversary of the death of their son, so I was thinking about all of the supplies that I need to buy for that and whether or not I can swing the cost, when I realized that I need to finish the quilt that all of my sister's friends and family members made squares for about TWO MONTHS AGO! Jeez! We didn't have the money and really still don't, but I can't leave that undone forever! How did I forget? How COULD I forget?! I owned up to it, because I bet she has been wondering too. I would hate for her to read this here and want to kill me, but rest assured she already knows.

I will also be making a quilt for a friend before too long. She will be taking her time finding fabrics that she loves, so that gives me a few weeks, if not longer. I need to get more details on that, because I don't want to bite off more than I can chew. Me? No way would I do that!!!

I hate long blog posts, but I can't stop now!

This Sunday I will be taking pics for a family. It is supposed to be frigid! I don't know if they will want to take them, but I sort of hope so, because the husband is on a swing shift and they will not be able to do it again for two more weeks and it could be even colder then! We will just have to see! I am pretty flexible, so it won't bother me either way. I can take a lot of pics in a little amount of time, even if there are icicles hanging off of my subject's noses!

Let's see, what else is there?

I don't know.

Oh, yep, the church bazaar. I started making a few crochet items with some yarn that one of the church ladies wanted to just give to me. I did not want to use it for personal gain, so I just told her I would make something for the bazaar with it. I only made a few things, because I have been so busy. Now, I only have until next Saturday, before it is the bazaar and I don't know if I will have time for anything else. I feel a little sad about that, but on the other hand, I promised to make cookies and things like that for their cookie room, so I am doing that next Thursday at home with my sister and Friday at a friend's house with my sister, daughter, friend's two girls and herself and maybe even me, if my head doesn't blow up first!

Did I mention that I have had a sick kid? Last Tuesday my oldest son did not go to practice. He went to school Wed. and came home feeling bad. He has not been back since! They did not have school Monday, so that means all totaled he has missed 4 days of school! He is a good kid, but not a stellar scholar, so this is going to be very hard to recover from! Add to that equation a crazy mother and a dad who always seems to be at work and you might have a destructive mess on your hands. Oh, no, you're right, it will be a destructive mess on MY hands! I can't wait! The fever finally broke, so he can go to school, but he has been coughing so much and so loud that the school is probably going to be angry with me. Yet, I am the one expected to help him catch back up! They will help, if he will let them help.

BTW, he does not have swine flu. He was tested and negative for that!

So, are you glad I have been keeping to myself lately? Even more happy that I saved it all up for one painfully long post? Sorry! It won't happen again! Well, not until Christmas time anyway!

Have great day!

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Breast Cancer Awareness Month

My page and my Etsy are both thinking pink this month, in honor of my Momma! I miss her terribly! September was 2 years since she died. She had breast cancer in 2004. She was given a clean bill of health somewhere along the lines. She was checked out every 3 months and then 6. She had gone in for a check up in June, I believe, and told that she was doing fine and her numbers were in check. In 2007, she was told that she was just depressed and that nothing was wrong with her, even though she was dying of secondary liver cancer. I seemed to be the only one who knew what was going on and that really angered me!! That actually pissed me off, rather severely! I watched her deteriorating before my eyes. I was pregnant with my last child, whom she never met, so I was more emotional than usual, but feelings are feeling and I knew I would miss her terribly when she was gone. She left this world September 19th 2007. She was my hero, although she was not perfect. I still miss her sitting her typing about this!

My sister and I support a Relay for Life team. We are friends with a few of the members and one of them keeps a running donation open all year long.

In the month of October, Sandy at , Kylie at , and I at are all donating a portion of our sales to breast cancer awareness, but more importantly it will benefit all cancers, since the Relay for Life support more than just that.

Let's stomp out cancer!

No child, brother, sister, friend, mother, father, grandma, or grandpa should ever lose a loved one to this CRAP!

If you want to go straight to the horse's mouth, please visit and show your support!

Friday, October 2, 2009

Hey, Drop Me A Line!

If you are reading this, feel free to drop me a line and let me know what you are thinking! I have been stuck in this house, with yarn all around me, for over two weeks now. I am growing weary. I have a sick kid. I am tired. I am worn. I am a total whiner-baby, at this point. I need a break and do take small breaks, but since I have already run over what I thought was to be my original deadline, I am trying to work hard to get things finished. I even pulled a muscle in my neck some time close to 11p.m.! UGH!

So, how are you? I don't have time to read all of your blogs, although I would like to, but if you were to leave me some sort of comment, so I know what you have been up to, I would feel a little better about being on lockdown! I think I would anyway? If you have time and don't mind, send me a little piece of yourself, because I miss you!