Sunday, February 28, 2010

Check It Out!

Check out my most recent post to my pic-o-blog! It is over here...

Saturday, February 27, 2010

A Memory Quilt For My Friend

I made a memory quilt for my friend. Her son died in 2008. It is hard enough to lose a mom or dad, but a child? Losing a child has to be the worst possible pain! I am not really able to compare my loss to hers, or to take that pain away for her, but I am able to make these simple wall-hanging sized quilts to possibly help ease the pain, so I was thrilled when her husband asked for one to be made for her. I had asked her, for quite some time, to let me know when she was ready for me to make one, but him asking meant I just got to do it, so that helped the process along a bit! Anyway, my sister has been asking to see a pic, so I went to her house today and took one.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Enough is Enough!

This is me. This is raw, so you have been warned. I don't plan on being nice or holding back. I am on the edge now and I am not doing this any more!

I am pissed! I am so pissed! I am so damned tired of dealing with cancer. I can't f'ing stand it any more! I am tired of waking up and wondering which relative will die next! I am not exaggerating! I am so damned serious! I have lost my mom, her brother, my dad's brother and now his sister is dying as well, all to cancer. Not to mention, my paternal grandma and two of my great uncles, all to cancer. It f@#king sucks! My grandma has had cancer. My great aunt had cancer. Two of my grandma's brothers have cancer right now, if I understand everything right!

I am so tired of thinking about overactive cells. Why can't they just do what the hell they are supposed to and divide normally? Who invited this shit? Why my family? Why any family? I mean, really? Where are the treatments that work? Where are the answers? Who is in charge of this shit? Where can I get in touch with that person?

NO, I don't blame God. I don't and I won't! I know that we go through many things in life that are not happy or wonderful or great, but WTF? Really? All of us have battles. All of us have scars, but why so many? Why so much? Why me doesn't cross my mind, but why anyone? I have had it! I am tired of trying to make sense! I am tired of trying to reason! I want my mom and no one can make that happen! I am tired of it! I am done!

You know, the other day, my 10 year old daughter asked me if I thought I would ever get cancer. I looked at her and said, "you want to know what I really think?" She did want to know, so I told her, "I really don't think I will get cancer." I also told her that if I thought it would keep my kids from getting cancer I would gladly give my life in exchange. I don't ever want one of my kids to "get back a bad test result," or "find a lump!" I can't take the way the thought of one of them getting sick makes me feel! I also told her that if I don't get cancer, their risk might be lower. I also hate that my kids have the cancer monkey on their backs already. They don't know so much of the pain, but they do know that it upsets me. They know that anyone can get it and in our family it is more like almost everyone. Bullshit! Bullshit!

My family does not deserve such desperate sadness! The despair does not overtake me, but it has been getting pretty thick lately. I am swallowing back sadness too often lately. Since December 09 I have lost an uncle on both sides and now my aunt is on her death bed, quite literally.

I am done. I have had it. The war still rages. My heart is broken. My mind is spent. My fury is worse than hell! I am done! Game over! FUCK YOU CANCER!

One Thing..

This is just one of the things that has been keeping me so busy!

It is a fringe blanket.

I was asked to make one, for a photographer that I work with from time to time. I was then told by a friend that I should make some for my Etsy store. It takes about 6-8 hours to complete one, depending on how cooperative the girls are. Today's blanket was fairly easy. Some days...

Easter baskets, kids, and small quilts have also been on the list of what is keeping me so busy. Not to mention cleaning up the dust my husband creates as he replaces our kitchen floor, windows, soon to be dry wall and lighting! So, not much, really!

I just wanted you all to know I meant I was busy and I am, but not that I am on the verge of diving off the deepend or anything! ha!

Abset minded

Absent minded?

Absent blogger?

Absent mommy?

I have been feeling absent in a lot of ways lately. There is a lot going on in my world lately, but I just feel like I have not really be in on a lot of it. I don't know where my head has been. I think maybe I just have too much to do! Maybe?

How are all of you?

Friday, February 19, 2010


I think this is my new love! Isn't it just adorable? I had a little creative help from Sandy at !!!

Thanks, Sandy!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

For Those Of You Who Are Not On My FB

I say to you, "Valentine's Day, Schmalentine's Day!"

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

What's For Supper?!

A puzzled little girl wants to know if you can guess what we had for supper?!

Don't look at the noodles on her belly, because that wouldn't be fair!

Oh, see, now she's pleased to hear that you guessed right!

We had spaghetti! Thanks for playing our game!

Monday, February 8, 2010

Something I have been working on!

Warning! This is a run-on mess! I just want to make sure you know that you may have crossed eyes, by the time you are done reading!

Ok, so to be clear, this is something I have been putting together, but not something that was mine from start to finish. I will not take credit that is not due to me. A friend of a friend was looking for someone to complete a quilt. She only had the tops of two quilts, actually, and had been holding on to them, since the sweet lady from church who came up with such a great work of art passed away. I told her I would look at them. I am a serious quilter in training! I have only worked on small lap sized quilts, but I thought I might be up for it, so I had her send them my way. Sadly, that was just over a year ago. Yep, I'm a jerk! My Meeeema was about 9 months old when I got them. I knew right away that I would not be able to do one of them, because it was polyester and I would have no idea how that would work up, so I just bowed out of that one, but the other one was normal cotton fabric, so I told her I would try it. I have had it tucked away in my craft cabinet for a LONG time and I think it was just after Christmas 09 that I decided to pull it out and get to work. I had the lady get the rest of the supplies that I would need and got started. I got the quilt batting and back on it, with relative ease, even though I am not used to anything of this size. Then, I started quilting the individual hearts on the material. I was not doing everyone, rather one about every 6 inches and it was VERY tedious work! VERY TEDIOUS WORK! Anyway, I decided to take it a few at a time, so I would not kill my eyes in the process. Each heart took about 8 minutes to quilt around and there were probably 100-150 of them to do. Maybe more, but I would not dare go back and try to count them now! UGH! Anyway, I did 5-10 of them one day and then quite a few another day and then back to 5-10 for several more days and then I stopped and did the quilt a few posts back. Then, I don't know what happened, but I woke up Saturday with a determination. A determination to finish this quilt, no matter what it took and that is just what I did! I worked on it from 8a.m. almost clear through to 5p.m.! I quilted almost half of those little tiny hearts in that time and I put the binding on it to! Man, I was exhausted after that, but I AM DONE! I am so excited! Something that big is a real challenge and I was able to complete it! It isn't perfect, but it sure it neat! The little lady had a very big heart! That's for sure! The squares were not all square, but I did the best I could with what she had started. I will be giving it back to its owner on Feb 21st, which is when I will actually be meeting her...can't wait!

Check it out!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Prayer Shawls

These are nothing major, or out of the ordinary, but rather a very simple way to let someone know you care. I have been asked, by my pastor, to make some prayer shawls, so that when someone needs a little extra love, or falls ill, or loses a loved one, the church can give them out.

I like them. How about you? If so, you could make your own and donate them to your church!