Friday, October 31, 2008

Prayer Request

I don't fee like it is my day! I can not get into my email to put this out that way and now this site won't even let me through.

At any rate, I know a family who is having a lot of trouble with an older child and that child's problems. If you pray, please pray that he will make it through his troubles and quickly, before it ends his life! I hate to hear a mother cry and to know that there is nothing she can do unless her child decides to help himself is even worse. Please also pray that he will come out of this mess knowing that he does not want to live/die like this.

Thanks for your help!


Thursday, October 30, 2008

You Need A Band Aid Mom?

Ok, this totally fits into TMI(Too Much Information), but I have decided that almost everyone can handle what I have to say, so TDB(Too Damned Bad)!

Let's just say that I started this morning. I am a baby feeder, so that starting thing seems to have a mind of its own lately! Anyway, I was working with a winged object from Wendi Aaron's favorite distributor when Boog looked up at me with her best, I totally get what you're saying face and said, "Mom, you need a band aid?"

WTF!?! Are you serious??? I almost died, but I did my best, are you f'ing kidding me face and said, "Yes Boog, Mommy needs a band aid!"

Please tell me why it always happens to me??? Please??? Some insight needed here!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

My New Invention!

Ok, so I guess I just need to tell the world about the great new kitchen floor cleaning program that I just invented. I know I should wait for a patent, but I am so excited that I just have to share.

First, I took one green tea scented baby wipe and put it under my left foot and then I repeated the process with my right foot. I waltzed my way around my kitchen floor, without picking up my feet, of course.

I named that step the deep cleaning phase of my two step process.

Second, I took one lemon scented bleach wipe and put it under my right foot, so as to keep myself from becoming bored, and then I repeated this process with my left foot.

I consider this to be the sanitizing step and consequently my final step!

Isn't it great??? I am so excited. I know I said I was waiting for approval from the patenting office, but since we are all friends, I will personally allow all of you to use this technique too!!!

Happy cleaning Ladies!

Monday, October 27, 2008

Deliciously Steamy Chai For Me

Man, can you see that steam rising from my perfectly hot and wonderful cup of vanilla chai tea?

Jealous, you say?

Too damned bad for you, 'cause it is all for me!

Maybe one, maybe two and maybe even three cups a day and it is allllllllll for me!!!


Oh, don't cry!

I am sure someone will bring you a cup, but rest assured that it won't be me!

Sunday, October 26, 2008

My Pictures of Fall!

These are pictures that I took just a few hours ago, when a friend, K, and I went for a little "road trip" in a very rural area. We spent a few hours just drifting around and we hit a few cemetaries. One of which was very small and the stones were almost all quite old. The cemetary was just nestled in among the fields. Of course, the extreme winds and a full bladder brought us home a little sooner than we had hoped, but we still had a good time!
Oh, and the pic. of the headstone...
I took that picture, because I think it is beautiful and I did not feel that it was really disrespecting anyone's rights or otherwise, because it is so old and hard to read.
I guess I should also mention my love of cemetaries! I absolutely love going to the cemetary! My school had a visit to the local cemetary, for grave rubbings, when I was somewhere between 8 and 10 and I have been intrigued with them since then! Granted, I don't do anything creepy like drinking blood or spinning my head all the way around, unless truly provoked! I just love cemetaries! There is a lot of perspective in knowing some people only get to have their children for a day, or even less and you (I) have been lucky enough to have mine much longer than that. I think it makes me thankful for the time we do have here, no matter how crappy the day might seem. I am making a difference every day that I am here, even if only in small ways. I appreciate that.
Sorry for the babble! You know me!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

A friend brought to my attention that I have been quiet lately, so LOOK OUT LADIES, here I come! Back on the scene with a fresh dose of "what the hell was that?!?"

The scene begins with two little bitty girls in the shower. One takes a bath in her baby bath tub, because it fills up with water and she can sit in it like a big girl and the other little big girl sits in her tub ring and takes a shower. Mommy is a freak, so they are taking a bath together without sharing water! Got it? Ok, let's move on...

Oh, no, let's back track for just a minute.

My friend's mom J knocks right before I put the two in the shower and I spin Meeeeema around, butt out, to greet J. She made some comment about not really needing to see that so early, or something. She proceeds to come in and see my half way remodeled cabinets and we talk a little while I put the two girls in their places.

Boog plays quietly and Meeeeema freaks out, because she has been sick and is in NO MOOD for the shower! I put her in anyway, because I am hoping to loosen up some of the junk that is in her poor little head. When the shower is over for Meeeeema, I pick her up and get ready to run her into my bedroom, so I can throw and diaper on her and stick her in the car seat, while I go back and get Boog. It really is a fool proof plan. My house in no bigger than a Cracker Jack box and my bedroom is just four feet from the bathroom, so I can and do do this with no trouble all of the time. Not today though! Why the hell would things run smoothly? I was up more than not last night with a miserable baby! I am exhausted, grouchy and just plain tired of things running amuck, rather than running smoothly!!! Anyway, as soon as I get Meeeeema out, Boog starts freaking out and screaming about NOTHING! I look at J and express my concern that I might truly have to beat Boog today and on that note J says she will leave, so I can get back to that thought, after having tried to talk nicely to Boog to help calm her down, while I was putting Meeeeema's diaper on.

I ready myself to deal with the situation and make my way into the bathroom. I am pretty clear with Boog on how this is all going down. During my explanation of expectations, Boog is screaming her guts out!!! No big deal! I love my life, right? I get very tired of being tired, but today all of the big kids have dentist appts. and I have to take them, so we have to keep moving in the right direction, even if it kills us!

By the time I get Boog out of the shower and into my room for a diaper, she is calm and I don't know where her bi-polar counter part even went. Hey, it works for me!

As I dress her, I hear her say, "ow" and ask what hurts. Funny response, really.

She says, "OW, bom, you hurt by tock," through her snot filled sinuses!

I say, "how did I hurt your sock?"

Again on the other foot, she says, "ow, bom, you hurt by tock!"

Then, I go on to her shirt.

She says, "ow, bom, you hurt by tirt!"

I say, "how did I hurt your shirt?"

I guess the moral of this whole drawn out story is that the "experts" say small children can't communicate, but I say they are wrong! In the strangest, most round about way, my two year old told me that she has body aches from the dreadful cold she has been suffering from, so there! And, if that is not what she was really trying to tell me and her socks were really screaming in pain, then, well... You tell me, because I have nothing left to say!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

My Mom Was Here Today And...

My mom was here today and...

What is that you ask? How could my mom be here? She died just over a year ago. No shit! All I know is that my 2 year old walked across the living room a few minutes ago and said, "Maw's here."

"What Boog," I say.

"Maw's here," she says.

"Huh? Who is here?," I say.

"Damaw," she says.

Alright! I am not into games and I know that I am crazy, so that is that, but WTF makes a 2 year old say "MAW" is here, when she was about 15 months old when she died? She knew her, but has had so little time with her that there is no real recollection, so then what? Really, what? So I call a friend, who happens to be home right now and tell her. She said that I should make sure to ask her what "Maw" is saying. I hang up and ask her and this is what I get...

"Where is Maw Boog?," I say.

"EOIURWOEIJF!," she says.

"What?," I ask.

"On her way to Champaign," she replies.

That, for those of you who did and those of you who did not know her is the place my mother always seemed to be heading to! ALWAYS! I had to ask Boog if she was channeling "Maw," because it is like she wanted to make sure I knew it really was her. So, now, any body have any thoughts on this one? I would love to hear it! I am on the brink of insanity and I am pretty sure there is no way back now!



Hello, anyone out there?

BTW, the really strange part is that I was just forwarding a bunch of pics that I had taken of the kids and had decided to send them to some relatives that I don't know, but that my mom used to talk about. I had gotten their email addresses from an email that my uncle sent out. That is precisely when Boog spoke up about "Maw" being here.


Thursday, October 9, 2008

Thoughts of the Great Beyond!

I don't know how to make a separate blog, so I guess everything will go in under My Crazy Kids.

Ok, so I know this is strange and I should be doing a MILLION other things right now, but there is something I need to address! I said my mom died just over a year ago and I said I miss her dearly, but...

I have been out of the shower for about an hour now, but something strange happened in there and I need some answers!

Do we believe that our loved ones come back to "see" us from time to time? I mean, honestly, I am guessing that Heaven's gate does not go two ways, but...

When I was a kid, my mom always used to harass me about how much shampoo I used! I could sit on my hair people! Why wouldn't I use a lot of shampoo!?!?!? Anyway, I would always catch hell for using too much.

So, when the bottle of body wash literally jumped off of the shower wall today, I could only think of her! She must be saying, "Aren't you going to wash?" I found myself saying, OUT LOUD, "I WASH!" You know, there is no reason for visitors while showering, but what else am I to think? Seriously, my house is on a concrete slab. The nearest train tracks are about a block away. My pipes run through the floor and not the walls, so there is no logical explanation. Oh, did I mention the same thing happened last week? And, that I have one hell of a sore spot on my foot after that episode! Now, maybe the whole thing will turn black and fall off!!! Thanks Mom!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Momma, Tan I Tell Tapa Tuh Up?!?

Setting the scene: Boog, Meeeeema and I were in the kitchen cutting up broccoli, carrots and cucumbers for the kids to eat when they got home from school. Meeeeema was cruising around, minding her own, in the walker and Boog was crammed up my---I mean, standing right by my side, so she could get the inside scoop, better known as any cheater bites, on the veggies I was preparing. The kitchen window was open. Our dog, Stafa the big Rott., was and still is tied up to the tree just outside of the kitchen window.

Boog, "Momma, tan I tell Tapa to tuh up?"

I say,"Boog, why do you want to tell Stafa to shut up?"

Boog, "Betuz she is yel-wing!"

I say, "Stafa is yelling?"

Boog, "Yep!"

I say, "Why is Stafa yelling?"

Boog, "Eiosiure wkldjoiwe owur kj doie!"

I say, "Are you sure, Boog?"

Boog, "Yep!"

I say, "K, Boog?"

What the hell ever! I was totally following her until we got into the crazed mumbo jumbo that completely blew all the confidence that I had in my own ability to understand my little girl's language!

Just another day in paradise! Right? Tell me I am not the only one who lives in this world they call Paradise?!?!?!?

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Super Heroes and Super Villains!

This is something that I emailed to my mom on August 5th, 2006. I guess I liked it, because I thought I should share it with you all!

Remember the story of the little boys who did not want anything to eat at the family reunion?

The first little boy did not want anything but chips to eat at the family reunion. This dear, sweet, little devil, only ate chips and chips and chips. When the little boy finally made it home, he was nearly asleep in his car seat. The thought of him taking a nap was truly exciting to his mother. She was almost giddy with delight, until another child mentioned taking a nap, which quickly crushed the mother's dream of a little peace and quiet. Anyway, the little boy popped awake and flung into action as the mother's arch nemesis, Screamin' Banshee Boy! Screamin' Banshee Boy, by the way, had not eaten lunch either. He proceeded to eat a brownie, yogurt, pizza, and some starbursts and, of course, more chips! After eating his fill, Screamin' Banshee Boy needed to make MEGA POOP! Lucky for the mother, she was able to use her super shirt, by pulling it over her nose, in order to shield herself from the ATOMIC STINK!!! (Go Mom!) And, the day was saved!

The other little angel, who also decided not to eat much at the family reunion, was sooooo sleepy that he asked the mother to stop the Mom Mobile, so she could put a diaper on him, because he wanted to be able to go to sleep before they ever even made it home. The mother told the little boy that she was not going to be able to put the diaper on him until they made it back to the Super Lair, because they were not far from home. He seemed content. The little boy ate a brownie and watched some TV, as soon as he made it home. He then took a much needed nap, much to the mother's liking! After his 2 hour nap, the little boy woke up. First, he went outside to play for a little while. Then, he followed the mother back into the house and proceeded to transform into Bottomless Pit Boy! The little boy, who was clearly not hungry earlier in the day, ate yogurt, peach, cherries, pizza, and a banana! What a beautiful end to a super hero's day!!! Noone was foiled, other than maybe the mother, who is thoroughly exhausted!

Just A Thought...

How is one to learn the art of resolving conflict, without first acknowledging the presence of it?