Saturday, May 29, 2010

What I Have Been Doing Lately...

I tried my hand at the famed pillow case dress!

I think I am in love! They are so adorable!

And, easy to make, as long as you make sure the PRINT IS FACING THE RIGHT WAY! (Yes, I'm yelling again! This is the one I messed for a bigger picture and a laugh on me, as you will see all the roses pointing to the floor, rather than the sky! DUMB!)

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Just so you know...

Just so you know, my sister has been out of surgery. The dr. told her husband that it went well. I went to see her and she was doing alright, but said she doesn't EVER want to be at the hospital again! ha! Thanks for thoughts and prayers for her today!

My Sister

My sister is crazy!

My sister is amazing!

My sister is 21!

My sister broke her arm!

My sister is a clutz! (she said it, not me)

My sister is having surgery!

My sister is my biggest worry today!

So, my sister was at a stock car race the other day and somehow managed to trip on a pulley system wire and fell on her arm. She thought it was just bruised and did not go to the hospital, but decided to stay for the entire race instead. After that, she went back to the garage of the racer, whom she had gone to see, and the rest of her friends. She finally decided, at 3am that she should have it looked at, because it was more painful than a bruise should be. She found out her elbow was broken.

Yesterday was the casting appointment. It was supposed to be the normal procedure. She went in thinking she would get a pretty pink or orange, or something flashy, cast and be on her way, until 6 weeks later, when the cast would come off and her stinky flesh would be revealed! She wasn't looking forward to tying a bag around her arm, or any of the other garbage that would go along with a cast, but it would be necessary, therefore, she was planning on dealing with it.

Plans change! People aren't always ready for it, but plans certainly change! So, when she went to the Orthopedic Dr. and he said she had to have surgery, she was a little unsettled, to say the least. He told her how there would be long term ill-effects, if she did not have the procedure done. She decided that it would be for the best, in the long run, so she consented.

The surgery time was set...for today at 12:30.

I wish I could be there. I wish I could make it better, but I can't really do anything, because I have two little girls, who are not hospital friendly! They don't deserve to have to be cooped up in the hospital and the hospital does not deserve to have them there either!

I finally called her yesterday afternoon, because I could not think of anything but the surgery. It may seem like nothing, but our mom went through a lot of different procedures, having cancer and I know that hospitals don't make my sister super comfortable, because of all the memories involved. Mom died at that hospital, not because of the hospital, but in the ER, because of her cancer. It is just a lot to think about. It is a lot to deal with and I feel helpless. I don't know why it is such a big deal, other than what I just said, but it is weighing heavily on my mind.

Please pray that the surgery go well and quickly and that the recovery will be according to plan.



Tuesday, May 25, 2010

It is late.

I am tired.

But, I am enjoying the HELL out of no one needing, wanting, peeing, crying on me! I can't seem to get myself to go to bed, because quiet moments are so far and few between around here!

How was your day?

Did you do anything fun?

Yep, it was too hot here too!

Well, there's always tomorrow, right?

Good night! Or, not?!

Friday, May 21, 2010

She Was So Real

She was so real. I was hugging and holding her. I was crying on her shoulder and she on mine. We were embracing so tightly, I can still feel her now, even though my son burst through my bedroom door and woke me up. He had forgotten to have his dad sign a school paper that has to be turned in today. I almost started bawling, when he woke me up, because I get so little time with her, in dreams, these days and I can't stand the thought of losing one moment.

In my dream, we were at some sort of field trip and it was time to leave. I had sat in a seat behind her all the way there and not thought a thing of it, but on the way home, it really hit me. I knew she would be gone again. I saw her smoking, with all of my aunts, on my dad's side, and I blew up! I told her not to smoke, because I don't want cancer. And, then I said I can't believe she is here, because it has been so long. She just looked at me and I said, "I know. I can't believe this has happened to me, unless it is because I can go anywhere now." She was always pretty up tight about her weight and people in general, it seemed. She would get pretty bad, maybe you would call it, anxiety and she would talk herself out of going places. I inherited that from her. Anyway, I don't know if she was trying to tell me she is everywhere now, or not, but it kind of feels that way.

This dream may have been intended as a comfort, but MAN did it make me sad! My heart is heavy. My brain is spinning! I could feel her! I want her to be with me all the time. I want to feel her again! I miss my mom so much!

Monday, May 17, 2010

Just A Few Clips Out Of The Last Week

This morning I caught Boog singing, "Dog is deat, beewr is dood and people are twazy!"

This was a conversation that Meeeeema and I had yesterday afternoon.

Meeeeema: her wike a elepant!

Me: who is, me?

Meeeeema: no, Sadie is. I towd her dat.

Me: what did she do?

Meeeeema: she didn't come ova to me!

(Bottom line - girls don't like being called elephants, even if the girl is the dog!)

Conversation between BakeO and I, right after he had his teeth cleaned.

Me: No cavities?

BakeO: Nope.

Me: So, you didn't need false teeth?

BakeO: No, she already did that?

Me: So, she already gave you false teeth?

BakeO: Ya, she already flossed them!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

I am stealing this!

I just read this on a FaceBook ad and I am IN LOOOOVE!

Are you ready?

It is really great!

No, I promise!

It really is!

Why don't you ever believe me!?

I crochet so I don't kill people!

Saturday, May 8, 2010

New Breed of Super Hero?

What do you think about the new breed of super hero that I have recently discovered?

Pretty super, right?

Pretty heroic too, if I do say so myself!

Please say hello to UPSIDE-DOWN-GLASSES-SHOES-ON-BACKWARD-GIRL! She always puts safety first, or tries to, rather, considering her safety glasses keep sliding down her nose, but she doesn't seem to worried about it! She also finds that she gets better traction, in chasing after the bad guys, if she wears her shoes on the wrong feet! I guess you have to do what you have to do, if you are gonna be a super hero! I am proud to be her mom! I only hope that she will come to my rescue some day! God knows I could use a good rescue!

Saturday, May 1, 2010

My brother and his wife!

My family, on my dad's side. There are definitely members missing though.

My Aunt Debbie's remains.

I am very tired of having cancer rip my family apart, but at the same time, I have not seen most of them in almost 6 years, so in some ways, it has brought us together. What a sad way to get together! It rained a decent amount of the time we were there, but I guess I expected it.

I was SO happy to see my brother, Brian. I was also very happy to see my cousin, Braxton! I don't remember seeing him any time sooner than 15 years ago, which was at my grandma's funeral! I may be wrong on that, but that is the last time I remember it. I got to meet his two little girls, and my brother's children. That was nice. I just hate that it was surrounded by death.

I have a little girl missing me A LOT, so I guess that is all for now. I just wanted to share a little bit, before I got too overwhelmed with life to do so!

I hope you are all doing well!