Friday, September 17, 2010


Well, I just wanted to tell you all that I am going to be absent for most of the next week. Some of you may think I am absent now, but I assure you, this is normal me and next week will be crazy busy me who has no time to think! I just thought you should know up front, so you don't wonder.

First off, Sunday marks the 3 year anniversary of mom's death. STINKS! That's all I have on that!

Next weekend is the homecoming parade and some of the kids are in it, so we HAVE TO be there. That is next Thursday. Friday is the homecoming game. We will be taking the kids to that.

Saturday and Sunday my sister and I will be setting up at a really cool art, wine and music festival! I can't wait! It is an hour away and we have to be there early, so that we are set up on time. I am sure it will be fun, FABulous and exhausting!

IF you want to google it, it is the Salt Fork River Art Festival, Oakwood, IL!

Have a great week everyone!
If you miss me on here, I am probably missing you too!

Friday, September 10, 2010

Froggy, Froggy, Froggy!!!

A friend asked me to make a Halloween costume, from her pattern, so I could take pics of the girls in it, for her Etsy listing. When I got the costume done, she suggested that I make a bucket to go with it. It is all reaaaaaaaaaaally cute! I might be a tad biased! What do you think?

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Coming Out!

Well, I came out the other day, on the issue of my pregnancy, in a round about way...tried hiding it in my text. I really didn't want to talk about it, but I did, if that makes sense.

Anyway, today, I will tell you, for those who are not on my FB, what I found out at my first actual OB visit. Honestly, I only met with the OB nurse today. She was great. I also had an ultrasound done. Internal, or transvaginal, as I believe they call it! YUCK! Loved that! Blah!

I am 6 weeks 4 days.

There is only 1!

I am due May 1st.

I had my routine bloodwork done too. That really nearly killed me, but not because of the pain, more so because of the fear of needles! UGH! I am reaaaaaaaaaaaaaaally afraid of needles! It makes me shudder just thinking about it.

So, in conclusion, I am pregnant and will be for a really long time. I already feel bigger, which is NOT GREAT! I have been feeling sick for a good part of the late mornings, to early afternoons. (The nurse told me to take b6 for nausea. I will give that a try.) And, there is only 1 to worry about squeezing into this tiny house of ours. Oh, last bit of pertinent info...made a urology appt. for the husband! That's right...snip, snip, clip, clip! Better not wimp out this time, or he will be a dead man!

Have a great day!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010


My back hurts, makes me NOT HAPPY!

I feel sick A LOT, makes me not happier!

I don't like being pregnant, never have! Sorry for those of you who love being pregnant, but I am being honest here and a whiner, remember?! JEEZ!

Has blood work and an internal sono in the morning...lucky me! I bet you really wish you were me now, right?! UGH!

I may be a whiner, but a sonogram means I can be sure there is only ONE in there! I am about worried sick! I don't want there to be TWO, because there are already SO MANY in our house now and we would be in SERIOUS trouble, if in fact there were TWO in there! ha!

God give me the strength to put up with myself through this pregnancy!

Sunday, September 5, 2010

My sister's anniversary!

Today is my sister's 1 year wedding anniversary!

Go bug her, if you wanna! haha! I think she would love to hear how you spent your first anniversary!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

The Rest Of The Story...

Melinda asked what the items in my last blog post mean, which is probably a good question, since they are strange items to be given and I feel so strongly about them, so I guess I will spill my guts now, although, I am not sure I am ready to.

Let me start with a little background, so this might make more sense to all of you, since some of you have not been reading my blog for all that long.

In 2007 I found out I was expecting my 4 bio child and 7 total child. We had 6, counting the 2 we adopted and my husband's oldest, but I had only given birth to 3 of those. Anyway, I was devastated. Really!!! I did not want to have more children, which is why it was ok for me to take on the 6th child. She was a baby in need of a home and I wasn't going to have more babies, so it would be fine. Until, 6 months later, when I found out I was going to have our #7. I went, on the day of my sisters Sr. Prom, to tell my mom. I was standing in her driveway with a pee on a stick device and I was ready to die! She laughed at me.

Flash foward...Mom died Sept. 19th, 2007, of her second bout with cancer. I was pregnant with a child I was not happy about and no longer had my mom. Great!

Flash forward to Monday of this week...My body was not running the way I thought it should be, so I made my husband bring home another pee on a stick device...guess who is freaking pregnant? Well, it sure as hell isn't him! I wasn't going to do this again the last time! Apparently, baby makes 8, or 9, if God is feeling funny and decides I need twins, time will tell.

Anyway, I got a text from my sister yesterday saying that she left something in my car. It was a red gift bag. I looked at all of the items, while I stood in the door of my car (suburban, you know we can't just drive a car with so blasted many kids!) The items were cute, but the card explained it all!

Kylie said,

This care package is to make you smile, when you are ready to smile. I know you've got to be missing mom like crazy right now, so I got you the Jack-O-Lantern to remind you she is always around. Doesn't its crazy smile remind you of that devilish look mom could have? The candle is to bring Fall to your house and make you happy. (I love Fall!) The mug is for the extra chai you will be consuming and to remind you your smile lights up my world, (This had me bawling!) and finally the nail polish is for your toes...I promise to paint them when you can't see them anymore(My toenails get painted, no matter how big I am! I don't do anything else girlie, really, but the toenails!). I'm here when you want to talk, scream or cry. Oh! And the pen is because it is probably time to start writing again! :)(I write in a certain notebook, when I am stressed, or missing mom terribly.)

Pretty sweet, huh?!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

These Things...

These things...

These things were in my car?

These things are from my sister.

These things all have a special meaning.

These things don't look like they would be very special.

These things brought me to tears today, when I read the card explaining them.

These things remind me of my mom's style of gifting.

These things made my day!

Thanks, Snot Face!!!

These things show me how much you love me, even though I don't need these things, at all, to know how much you love me! :)

Yarn A Pa Looza!!!

Well, a facebook friend sent me a message the other day saying she was no longer in the neeeed for all of the yarn that she had holed up at her house! She also asked me if I wanted it. I am pretty quick to bite, where yarn is concerned, so I asked what she wanted for it. She responded that she wanted me to make winter hats for her two granddaughters! I knew I could make good on that! Actually, I already have the hats finished. Later she said she would take a frog bag, if I could make one up. I will be working on that a little later, because I ran out of the green I was using. Aaaaaaaaanyway, look at the stash I scored!

Thanks again, Alice!!! You really are the best!