Saturday, July 31, 2010

Meet My Monsta

Creepy face and dirty feet! ha!

She loved him so much that she did not want to let me take pics!

Up close and personal!

This is my monsta! His name is, you guessed it, Monsta Man! He is adorable! I got my inspiration from a picture that I found on google images! He is for my Etsy team, Create Crochet Team. It is a Fall challenge. Halloween is Fall. A creepy little monsta is Halloween, so I think I have my bases covered!

He has buggy eyes, that only a mother could love, as a good friend said earlier today! He has bolts on the sides of his head! And he is just adorable!!!

Monday, July 26, 2010

My Sister!!!

Two weeks ago, my family left for 6 days to visit my husband's family. Last week, my sister manically did homework for her two summer classes, so she could take the weekend off and go spend it in KY with her family. (We have different dads.) So, this means I really haven't seen her in two weeks, not really at all! UGH! Last night she sent me a text letting me know she was home. I was so thrilled that I seriously considered running down to meet her, but was all pajamafied, so I didn't. Anyway, I should get to see her today. If only for a little bit, because she and her husband move into their first house this weekend! Yay!

Monday, July 19, 2010

This Busy Life

We gave her such a hard time. First, grandma had to run and get her camera,
before Boog could open her present. Then, we were just messing with her. We kept
telling her to wait a minute and she was about to get mad, but she
kept her cool better than I would have! Yes, I know it is wrong to torture the children! ha!

She asked for play food, which meant, I would just have to create her gift,
but my husband insisted that she have a bike too! (We won't talk about that!)

She was soooo shy, when we were singing to her! Funny!

This is the adorable bikini that my sister knitted for her.
She dressed it up with the dress up set that her sister gave her!

Sometimes we look back and wonder where the time has gone. Ok, so maybe that is most of the time! Some of you know that two of our kids are adopted. One of the adopted kids happens to be Boog. Boog came to us when she was 3 days shy of 4 months old. We were her fourth home, not fourth foster home, but fourth home just the same.

We loved her. I fell in love with her immediately! She was a short, round, little screaming mess the first day she was here! I had to take her to a visitation with me, because Scott did not want any part of it! He, honestly, was mad at me for taking her on, although he never told the worker that. So, she went to the visitation of my favorite high school coach with me that night, Nov. 14, 2006. She had cried so much when she first got to our house that she slept peacefully during the entire visitation and I wasn't the only one who loved that man, so it was hours of waiting, before I got to the front of the line. Thank God she slept!

Fast forward 6 months...

I found out I was pregnant with Meeeeema! I was dying inside, because I was petrified that they would say we had too many kids for our small house and take Boog away from me. I did not talk to the worker about it right away and when I did, I was bawling! It was a good thing she already knew I was nuts! She would have thought I was unstable and just taken her for that, otherwise! MAYBE I was? Anyway, I spent my entire pregnancy not wanting another child coming into our home to ruin the relationship we had. She was my girl.

Now, she is ROTTEN! I mean, ROTTEN! She is into everything! She is in the corner often! She is always looking at me like the rules were not written with her in mind. She also found out a few months ago that she has another mom. No sooner than she got used to that other mom coming around, she lost her, because the other mom just has too many problems to be allowed to her, or her brother, any more. I can't let them hurt and wonder all of the time. I am sure that is part of her being so rotten, but...

All this to say that she turned 4 on Saturday. She was so excited! She woke up and came into my room, where Meeeeema and I were waiting for everyone to wake up, but secretly hoping they would sleep til noon! I said, "Whose birthday is it?" She grinned and laughed a little and said, "mine!" Then, she asked me if I would say happy birthday to her! Cute, right?! She was on cloud nine all day long!