Saturday, July 31, 2010

Meet My Monsta

Creepy face and dirty feet! ha!

She loved him so much that she did not want to let me take pics!

Up close and personal!

This is my monsta! His name is, you guessed it, Monsta Man! He is adorable! I got my inspiration from a picture that I found on google images! He is for my Etsy team, Create Crochet Team. It is a Fall challenge. Halloween is Fall. A creepy little monsta is Halloween, so I think I have my bases covered!

He has buggy eyes, that only a mother could love, as a good friend said earlier today! He has bolts on the sides of his head! And he is just adorable!!!


Christina said...

Nice work! :)

Marcia said...

one of my nieces hated, hated my alien. it creeped her out to no end. i love your creepy lil monsta!

Snot Head said...

He is definitely strange, as I have already said, but he qualifies for "cute creepy." haha!