Thursday, August 21, 2008

Potty training for 2 year olds!

Or, is that potty training 2 year olds? I am really uncertain at this point! This is hardly my first rodeo, but it has been the most memorable by far!

My 2 year old daughter, as of last month, is ready to be potty trained, or so I thought anyway! She is really quite intelligent and has a full vocabulary, so I decided if she can communicate she can be potty trained, right? Oh sure! Right?!? Whatever!

We started this brilliant endeavor yesterday and I am ready to end it, for an undetermined amount of time, as of today! She is certainly not going to be heartbroken if I suddenly decide that she has had enough of peeing down her legs!

Let me make sense of this for you. 8 months ago I gave birth to a sweet, fat baby girl and my other baby girl suddenly became a "big girl." Or, that is the way I thought it would work! It has been nothing like I thought it would be! My "big girl" started physically abusing her baby dolls as soon as the new baby came home! From bouncing their little heads off of her play pen to drop kicking them across the room and then so sweetly saying "uh oh," I have seen it all! So it did not surprise me at all when she decided that she should be sitting in the baby seat and buckling herself in, although I greatly discourage it and tell her how she is such a big girl! And, now that the baby is getting bigger and experiencing many "firsts," my "big girl" is shrinking even more!

Well, anyway, in getting back to my hairbrained idea of potty training her, this kamikaze mission is almost over! I am ready to steer this plane into the broadest mountain I can find, because it can not possibly have a good ending! Yesterday, being our first attempt with the potty, was not expected to go well. After the one major pee explosion and my 8 month old joy riding through it with her walker, I really thought today would be better! Almost!

Has anyone ever had a new puppy? Ever stepped in a pee puddle? Well, that was my first clue that today would not be much more eventful, in the direction of the potty chair anyway, than yesterday! I was on the phone and when she got off of the potty I was sooooooo excited to see pee in the basin! It was a great feeling! Until, approximately 8 minutes later I stepped in a covert pee puddle! It was expertly camoflauged just for my sake! I am sure of that!!!! This was to be the first of many pee puddles and by nap time, we were both exhausted! She was even falling asleep in her high chair at lunch, which never happens! Needless to say, after her nap, I gave the 2 year old the option to wear a diaper, if she wanted to!

I know it sounds like I am giving up, but I prefer to call it a mental break! We will try again, but probably not for a few weeks!


Lady Weasel said...

You can do it!

*Flaps her pom-poms around*

Go Momma B! Go Momma B! Yaaaaaaay Momma B!! Woot! Woot!

*Hops up and down*

That's my VERY best cheerleader impression to cheer you on! :o)

Cassie said...

Just keep encouraging her. Bribe her. Whatever works. LOL!

Monica said...

I feel your pain sister!! We are potty training Emma too!!