Friday, December 18, 2009

More Kiddie Speak

Now, first off, I want to say that the only thing making ANY noise at all in my house right now, is the washing machine. With that said, I present you with a kiddie dialogue from literally 37 seconds ago...

"What's dat?" Meeeema asked in a very puzzled and half nervous voice.

"Nothing," I said.

Again, she says, "What's dat?"

Boog replies, "Oh, dat, it's da wind!"

All the while, I am telling myself that it is not the wind, because there is no wind, right now!

Then, I realize she is talking about the washing machine, which happens to be on spin cycle, so I tell her that is it the washing machine.

"Wating kachine?" Meeeeema questions.

"Yep, it's da wating matine," Boog says, like she just solved a mystery!

Meeeeema, apparently settling into the fact that Boog just solved the world's problems by finding the source of the noise, says, "Oh, da wating kachine!"

I think they should come with a language chart! Meeeeema and I almost had a war over the fact that she could not find her "gubs" one day and it really took me a while to figure out that she wanted her mittens. Also, you should have been here when she wanted "kakick," which happens to be chapstick, for those who don't speak kidese! It is amazing that I have made it this far!

Have a great day!

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Snot Head said...

I love the conversations between these two. Meema doesn't even question the things Boog says...It is the perfect big sister/little sister relationship...can't wait til Meema learns all the world's secrets, though, and they start to argue who's right. lol