Sunday, June 20, 2010

Convo with Bucko

Earlier my husband and I were having a conversation. We were kind of messing around, talking about being "soul mates" and our son Bucko was listening to us. My husband said we are soooo in love and I started goading him...saying things like, "oh ya" and "sure we are" and my husband started getting frustrated with me.

Out of nowhere, Bucko looked at me and said, "So, is dad your brother?" I nearly died! My husband was really quick to explain to him that there is NOOOOOOOOOOO way that you can marry your sister, because it is wrong, on sooooo many levels. I couldn't say anything, because I was laughing so hard!

Where does stuff like this come from? I guess I never realized just how confusing this stuff really is for kids! To say the least, I am dumbfounded, still.

Have a great night!


Snot Head said...

ha! His curiousity and inquisitive mind never cease to amaze me...I mean really, truly astound me! lol I may be rolling on the floor for awhile.

Cassie said...

It gets worse as they get older too. LOL