Sunday, August 1, 2010

A Wife For My Monsta!

This is Monsta Miss Myrtle! She is the wife of Monsta Man Manny! She is adorable, or is she? Well, you know what I mean! I am really enjoying making little Halloween creatures. Of course, with my society induced ADHD, I have changed gears again! I am going to make up a scarf, or possibly a hat and scarf set, but after I finish that, I will probably start on some new play food, or some Halloween buckets! My sister and I have a sale this month, so I have to get the ball rolling!!!

I hope you are all doing well! I hope you had a great weekend!


debi9kids said...

VERY cute! I wish I had the ability to crochet or knit. (I lack the ability to follow directions. LOL)

PS Thank you so much for commenting on my recent post. I answered you over there, but in case you didn't read it, I appreciate you taking the time to ask and understand fully where you are coming from (and I'm not even slightly insulted).
Believe me, we will not add another child into our home until everything is as it should be, which includes my marriage.
We have just decided that once it is all "ok", we will be foster parents again. But, not until that happens :)

Thanks again for being willing to ask something that I am sure other people thought but were afraid to ask.


Marcia said...

Soooo... what new food are you going to be making? My food well seems to be running dry. Right now I'm making a bag for my SILs birthday. It was before my girls' bdays so I'm a little late!

Snot Head said...

AAAAHHH! Sale this month. I think I will be losing it by the end of this month. I wasn't really even thinking about how soon it was. Blah! lol