Monday, August 23, 2010

Working With A New Medium

Last week, a FB friend approached me about crocheting something with jute twine. I thought it might be pretty hard to do, but I told her I would try it anyway. I am usually up for a challenge and it was definitely something I would never have thought of on my own, so I told her I would TRY.

After finding what I needed, I got right to work. At first, the jute twine was making my fingers rather raw. I guess my hands, sort of, toughened up, because after a few times of working with it, I wasn't bothered so much by it.

I made a set of bowls. I was pretty proud of them, but the twine I got from one store was a slightly different color than the twine from the other store, so I have a little color variation. I was not exactly crazy about that, but when the friend looked at the pics I posted on FB, she said it was good to have options. That made me feel better about it! She used to be an art teacher, so she knows her stuff! ;)

Anyway, you wanna see some pics, right?!

Happy viewing! ha!

See the lighter color of the outside bowl?

I tried my hand at some stars too! Yep, she suggested that too!


Marcia said...

Love the bowls and stars! You little smarty pants!

debi9kids said...

OH! I LOVE these!
Would you consider making stars and selling them?

Christina said...

Those are awesome. I really like em!