Thursday, February 5, 2009

Succombing to the Pressure!


I can't believe I actually went and did it!

I succombed to the pressure!

I, Momma B, oh, I just can't tell you...

It is just unspeakable!

I really said I was not going to do it!

I, I, I gave my dollar away!


More sobs!

Yes, I can't believe I am admitting it after all that I went through to keep it from all of you Gold Diggers, I gave it to St. Jude's!

That damned Willy's Sweet Shop thing sucked me in like a kid at a candy store, virtually rather than literally!

I got sucked in to doing the right thing, even when I had such great plans for that dollar!

Oh no, that's right, donating money to charity, even if it is the entire IL state refund for the year 2008, is a great idea!

My motto is that one dollar at a time, we can really make a difference! (yes that probably is someone's actual slogan, considering the fact that we all know i am not bright enough to figure it out on my own!)

Have a great day!


Snot Head said...

It's good you let go of it. That kind of money can do terrible things to a person. It's just too much pressure. You are muuuuch better off now! ;)

Marcia said...

Oh well. Now St. Judes can buy 1/3 of a chai...