Monday, May 17, 2010

Just A Few Clips Out Of The Last Week

This morning I caught Boog singing, "Dog is deat, beewr is dood and people are twazy!"

This was a conversation that Meeeeema and I had yesterday afternoon.

Meeeeema: her wike a elepant!

Me: who is, me?

Meeeeema: no, Sadie is. I towd her dat.

Me: what did she do?

Meeeeema: she didn't come ova to me!

(Bottom line - girls don't like being called elephants, even if the girl is the dog!)

Conversation between BakeO and I, right after he had his teeth cleaned.

Me: No cavities?

BakeO: Nope.

Me: So, you didn't need false teeth?

BakeO: No, she already did that?

Me: So, she already gave you false teeth?

BakeO: Ya, she already flossed them!

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