Wednesday, September 8, 2010


My back hurts, makes me NOT HAPPY!

I feel sick A LOT, makes me not happier!

I don't like being pregnant, never have! Sorry for those of you who love being pregnant, but I am being honest here and a whiner, remember?! JEEZ!

Has blood work and an internal sono in the morning...lucky me! I bet you really wish you were me now, right?! UGH!

I may be a whiner, but a sonogram means I can be sure there is only ONE in there! I am about worried sick! I don't want there to be TWO, because there are already SO MANY in our house now and we would be in SERIOUS trouble, if in fact there were TWO in there! ha!

God give me the strength to put up with myself through this pregnancy!


Christina said...

OMG what????? Your pregnant?? Congratulations!!!! :)

Snot Head said...

You seem pretty stuck on this whole idea of two babies. Yikes!! Good luck tomorrow. At least then you will finally know. Just know, God has felt "funny" many other times in your life. lol

randi---i have to say said...

i will hope for just one also. be sure to let us know ASAP.

if it's two, you will figure things out and all will be well. a little hectic maybe, but just fine. life is like that.