Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Well, Now...

Well, now, I am no longer absent, but I am PISSED! I have had it! The justice system does NOT bring justice and I have had enough of it. Of course, it is not fair to just say that and walk away, although I would kind of like to, because the can of worms is a little larger than I care to deal with right now, but since my mind is on overload and I want to be able to sleep tonight, I should just say it, right?

The bio mom of the two kids we adopted has been in legal trouble, starting just a few weeks after getting out of prison, in the first place. She has gotten a DUI, driving without a license, a speeding ticket and something else, all in one night. After that, she got a domestic battery charge and a felony charge for theft, a few weeks after that.

Today was court. Court should have been a fair process, but she would have definitely gotten in serious trouble, because she is still on parole.

Anyway, I was able to look it up and she got probation and a hefty fine, for the DUI, but the felony just got pushed off and so did almost everything else! I don't understand! I really don't! How can you do thing after thing after BIG thing wrong and get almost nothing out of it?

Forgive me, but she runs around breaking the law, she didn't do what she needed to keep her kids and it is ALL driving me CRAZY!

I CAN NOT understand how some people can get by with doing NONE of what they are supposed to do.

Maybe I will sleep tonight and maybe I won't, but thanks for letting me freak out! You probably can't even make heads or tails of the crazed ramblings, but I feel a little better, I think!

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Marcia said...

Oh I getcha sistah! It makes me crazy! rah!