Sunday, March 15, 2009

Great Trip?

Well, my family decided to take the ALL SCHOOL TRIP. This means all of the school kids and their families are invited to attend a pretty interesting trip at a low cost, because of the group size. Our school trip consisted of about 300 people.

We went to the Field Museum in Chicago. The trip went pretty smoothly, even though we had all 7 kids. My sister went with too. She helped off set some of the weight of having such a large group! It was nice to have help. In fact, at one point, we lost my sister and one of the 6 year old boys, together, for about 2 hours!?! This would have been remedied pretty quickly, but she had left her cell phone in our rent-a-stroller! Oh, did I mention that she left her money there too?

Anyway, blah, blah, blah, cut to the end of the trip, where we were waiting for what seemed like forever, until our buses pulled up to get us. I had let several other people get back on the bus before me, because I was sitting in the first seat and I did not want them to have to wait for me to load myself and 22lbs of sleeping baby back onto seat 1 of the bus. When I finally started to get on, there was crap all over my seat, so I had to wait for the lady who it belonged to to retrieve it and then I sat down. I started loading my baby into the car seat.

Did I mention that the bus driver kindly informed me that the buses had been robbed? That's right! Some one had decided that they needed some of the stuff that was on the buses, more than the owners of the stuff did. Well, I am so stinking pleased to report that one of those who was stolen from happened to be me? Oh yeah! I have never been as mad as I was when I figured out that my bag was missing!

The list of missing items is as follows:

breast cancer tote bag
about 10 diapers
giant bottle of kids cough medicine (yes, the kids still are coughing, but no medicine!)
1 baby bottle
bag of almonds
2 different boxes of granola bars
1 box fruit snacks
13 juice boxes
1 ice pack

and best of all...

a freaking public library book!

So, now, not only did some jerks take my bag, but they got my kid's diapers and my kid's cough medicine and my kid's bottles and everything else they could possibly have wanted to eat or drink on the way home. Oh, I forgot to list a bag of pretzels!

I know this all sounds petty, but no one has ever taken anything from me before and I can not describe the way I felt getting on that bus and realizing that my stuff was just about the only thing taken off of our particular bus! The really funny thing is that my purse was on there, but I had stashed it behind Meeeeema's milk cooler and my big water bottle, so somehow they missed it!

I was only able to find one thing to be thankful for and that is that none of the bus drivers happened to be on there, because some crack head could have hurt them, if they wanted to get money for drugs bad enough!

Oh, and I have not yet mentioned that friends of ours had much more stolen from them! They had a leather coat lifted along with a Nintendo DS and, I believe the mother said, 7 games! I was just mad that someone took any of my stuff! I think it is crap that my family has so little to begin with and someone thought they had the right to take it from us! I would never ever dream of stealing from people! I don't give a damn what I needed or wanted! I just would not do it!


Marcia said...

That would make me so mad too! And I'd feel violated too. I'm so glad your purse wasn't taken. The library book! Maybe you can explain to them what happened? Maybe they'll be gracious? And what the heck is someone going to steal diapers and fruit snacks for anyway? Stupid people.

Momma B said...

Most of the bags of snacks were dumped. One was stolen-probably to be used for a looting bag to use with the other stuff they got off of the other buses. I was in the first seat. I would be when they were getting off of the bus, they saw my bag under the seat and grabbed it. It was zipped shut, so they could not just dump it and steal the bag, so they took the whole thing! Still makes me mad today! It is wrong to take things from other people! END OF STORY!