Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Gym?!? Pain?!? Agony, for sure!!!

Ok, so my husband had this great idea that we should start at the gym and I would normally just shoot down any idea that involves spending more money than we already do, but I really loved the idea of getting out of the house to do my work out, so I said ok. I rethought it and tried to get out of it a few times, but then S. came up with the idea of having me invite a friend to sign up with me--his way of making sure I would not be able to change my mind. His idea worked! Lucky him, for once!

Anyway, I started on Monday and my sister, who has had her membership for a month or so, went with me. I might add that the gym is new to our area. Either way, we went Monday and I did a full 30 minutes on the treadmill. I even worked up the courage to do a little jogging/running at the end of the 30 minutes. I HATE THE IDEA OF PEOPLE LOOKING AT ME! And, then it was on to the weight machines. This was cut a little short, because it took a little time for the gym owner to show me and a few other ladys around, when we first showed up. Blah, blah, blah! So, anyway, I made my way around the weight machines and when my hour, the amount of time I have alotted for myself, was up, I went home.

On to day two...

Day two I was set to go with my friend, who had had a meeting the night before and was unable to go along. We met at the gym at 6:30. My friend brought a friend and my sister showed up too, so we had our own little work out squad. HA! Anyway, we did our 30 minutes and headed for the weight machines. All was well and good until P, my friend, got on the backward strangely set up sit up machine thingy and I started having visions of bad bodily happenings! I could not help but laugh. I told P's friend to tell her not to have any bad bodily happenings, as that is not proper gym behavior. Then, I turned into a giggling 11 year old boy and told my sister to cease and desist, because I did not want her to be a casualty of war! (ok, maybe not in exactly those words, but pretty damned close) Then, P started laughing, and she was the one on the machine! Hilarious!

Oh, I sort of forgot the point! I was supposed to tell you that I had to be air-lifted into this computer chair, because my legs ache so much!!!

Do you suppose this is the adult ADHD kicking in?


Snot Head said...

Fantastic! You saw how much I was huffing and puffing yesterday, and I still don't ache! I even ran, so what the heck? Maybe after tomorrow night doing the extra reps...Who knows?! I know I am pushing myself, but maybe all the water I have been drinking and the fact that I breathe in so deeply while working out stops the aching.

Momma B said...

Maybe you are not doing fast enough long enough? Or, maybe you should be doing more incline? I don't know, but I stretch, drink water, breath and have a prior work out pattern and I still ache! Did you try those squats? Damn! That might be the sole reason that I ache? I am really, truly, surely not sure!!!

3DNP said...

I really think those dang squats did my thighs in. I just had to pick up a piece of paper because it seems I cannot make evertyhing in the trash can that sits 6" from I do a squat and well I did make it back up after I made sure no one was had to be hilarious!! Is there anything that can be done for shins? It has always been my right one, can we wrap it? Just thinking ahead. I am glad I could help break up the work out with a little laugheter! Although during the squats you should have heard the improper bodily functions from Vervecca while I attempted to finish my squats....atleast we could have a good time while beating ourselves up!!

Marcia said...

Awesome that you have a crew/team/whateveh! I usually go alone. Kinda a bummer. I'm so scared of the weight room! Nightmare scared, truly. Good on you. :)