Friday, March 6, 2009

Ok, so I know my pictures are not exactly the most descriptive, but I tried! As you might be able to tell, I made a little clutch purse for Ponch! Why, you might ask? Well, honestly, I have thought it would be interesting to make purses ever since I got back into crocheting a few months ago. I finally got the right idea and tried to put it into play. I am happy to say that it worked! I did it! I did it! I did it! And, thanks to a tip from my sister, I have the cutest material for the lining! I hand sewed it together and then into the purse, because I could not see getting my machine out for so little, but now, I am not so sure, because I made a different style purse and Boog is just crazy about it, so I will be making yet another liner, by hand?!? Unless, I got off my lazy butt and get my machine out!


Marcia said...

Hey that's cool! I must know, is it knit or crochet? It looks knitted to me but you mentioned crocheting and I just don't know! Please tell me how you made it. Very, very cute!

Momma B said...

Ok, I will divulge my big secret, but I want you to know it is full of intricate detail and took LOADS of time! HA! Not really!

I cheated! I used the rectangle loom. I started with three rows of the figure 8 and then went with the regular wrapping around from there. When I got the body done, I just used one side of the loom and subtracted a peg on each side of the loom until I got the flap finished. I went through with my needle to close it all off and then I took a needle with both kinds of yarn and stitched around the whole opening, in a different way, so that it would be more sturdy. You would have to look at a big picture to make sense of hat I am trying to say, since I am explanationally challenged! I hand sewed a little, brightly colored liner in and VIOLA!

I did it!

I did it!

I did it!

Snot Head said...

I love that liner, and it is adorable! Good job! I am really crossing my fingers that Boog will be the girl, but I won't get my hopes up!

Marcia said...

we have one of those rectangle looms but I can't figure out how on earth to use it. heaven forbid I read instructions. ever.

better go, i hear a pet brawl brewing in the other room!

bernthis said...

I think that is fantastic