Friday, August 7, 2009

It Looks Like I've Missed A LOT!

We have been out of town for the last few days.

We got home today around 2:30.

We had a nice time.


We will miss our family in Indiana!

We will not miss the drive with all of the kids!

I am glad we went and I am even more glad to be home, but I feel like I have missed a lot over the last few days. I have a lot of catching up to do! I hope I can squeeze things in! I have to be ready for my sister's wedding shower tomorrow. I have to be ready for life again and I am not sure that I am, but I guess I will take the vacation hat off and put the real life hat back on. *sigh*


Marcia said...

I prefer trading the real life hat for the vacation hat, not vise versa.

Deb said...

Don't you love the way it feels like summer will go on forever! It's spring here at last, I can't wait to feel sand between my toes and I'm dreaming of lying in bed in a tent with Annie-Rose!

Snot Head said...

Hey!! What in the world are you doing selling your paintings?!

Anyway, the shower turned out great! I am so glad you helped and made everything work. :)