Thursday, August 20, 2009


Watching a 3 year old eat is like watching paint dry on a day when the humidity is at 100%!

I guess she'll shower tomorrow, when she finishes her breakfast from today!

Why yes, I am rather impatient today! Why else would God allow the eating of a bowl of Apple Jacks to take all day, other than to teach ME a lesson in patience!


tattooedmommy said...

Oh yes, I've been there. It's worse when it's one of the older kids trying to get out of doing their homework:)

outspoken85 said...

well you always make my day but you already know that......i so envy the poop parties that you get to clean up......and since everybody still thinks im a kid which i cant really deny i do whatever it take to get out of chores................but i still do them cause if i didnt i dont think i wud wake up the next morning........she is you sister you know what i