Monday, February 8, 2010

Something I have been working on!

Warning! This is a run-on mess! I just want to make sure you know that you may have crossed eyes, by the time you are done reading!

Ok, so to be clear, this is something I have been putting together, but not something that was mine from start to finish. I will not take credit that is not due to me. A friend of a friend was looking for someone to complete a quilt. She only had the tops of two quilts, actually, and had been holding on to them, since the sweet lady from church who came up with such a great work of art passed away. I told her I would look at them. I am a serious quilter in training! I have only worked on small lap sized quilts, but I thought I might be up for it, so I had her send them my way. Sadly, that was just over a year ago. Yep, I'm a jerk! My Meeeema was about 9 months old when I got them. I knew right away that I would not be able to do one of them, because it was polyester and I would have no idea how that would work up, so I just bowed out of that one, but the other one was normal cotton fabric, so I told her I would try it. I have had it tucked away in my craft cabinet for a LONG time and I think it was just after Christmas 09 that I decided to pull it out and get to work. I had the lady get the rest of the supplies that I would need and got started. I got the quilt batting and back on it, with relative ease, even though I am not used to anything of this size. Then, I started quilting the individual hearts on the material. I was not doing everyone, rather one about every 6 inches and it was VERY tedious work! VERY TEDIOUS WORK! Anyway, I decided to take it a few at a time, so I would not kill my eyes in the process. Each heart took about 8 minutes to quilt around and there were probably 100-150 of them to do. Maybe more, but I would not dare go back and try to count them now! UGH! Anyway, I did 5-10 of them one day and then quite a few another day and then back to 5-10 for several more days and then I stopped and did the quilt a few posts back. Then, I don't know what happened, but I woke up Saturday with a determination. A determination to finish this quilt, no matter what it took and that is just what I did! I worked on it from 8a.m. almost clear through to 5p.m.! I quilted almost half of those little tiny hearts in that time and I put the binding on it to! Man, I was exhausted after that, but I AM DONE! I am so excited! Something that big is a real challenge and I was able to complete it! It isn't perfect, but it sure it neat! The little lady had a very big heart! That's for sure! The squares were not all square, but I did the best I could with what she had started. I will be giving it back to its owner on Feb 21st, which is when I will actually be meeting her...can't wait!

Check it out!


Anonymous said...

Oh my you have patience! great end result :))

Deb said...

Well done you! that looks fantastic and the new owner will be thrilled :)

Snot Head said...

There are practically no paragraphs here lady! Come one now! lol