Thursday, February 4, 2010

Prayer Shawls

These are nothing major, or out of the ordinary, but rather a very simple way to let someone know you care. I have been asked, by my pastor, to make some prayer shawls, so that when someone needs a little extra love, or falls ill, or loses a loved one, the church can give them out.

I like them. How about you? If so, you could make your own and donate them to your church!


Stephanie said...

What a beautiful idea! You inspire me more and more to dust off my yarn into making something special for others. Where did you find your pattern if you don't mind me asking?



Marcia said...

Those are very nice. Looooong rows of crochet! I would maybe lose my mind. Perhaps I'll donate stuffed animals instead ;)

Momma B said...

Marcia, I can see it now, stuffed animals for the sick! PERFECT! You have so many awesome ideas!

These are certainly not fancy, but they work up easy and relatively quickly, because I use a giant hook! ha! I always use a giant hook, when I can get by with it! I call that a time saver!

reanbean said...

Your shawls are beautiful! I can see how they would definitely cheer someone up.

Our church collects prayer shawls too. I think they even have a few days throughout the year when women get together to sit together and chat while they make them. If I had any bit of craftiness in me, I would love to join in. Perhaps this year, I'll make time to learn.

Cindy said...

Hey Jamie...This is Cindy...Ken's sister...I've just been reading your blog, and I find it amazing with all of your kiddos that you get time to crochet!! You are one amazing mom!!!
I have enjoyed reading your blog, and I plan to go back and start at the beginning next week when I have a few days off work.
Anyway...just wanted to say "Hi!!"

Jen said...

I've made 1 before. Took me forever. Maybe if I start one now, I'll be done in 2015. LOL! Really though...I think I'll start one and see how long it takes me.