Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Grief Quilt

I just wanted to drop a pic and show you the grief quilt I have been talking about, but in order to respect the family, I think I will only show you the one that is farther away. You will get to see my oldest boy that way. He is my clone. Poor kid, people even think he is me on the phone sometimes! Oh well, he'll grow out of that soon enough!

I can't tell you how rewarding it is to take one of these to a family who has lost someone they love! It is mentally taxing, but it is overwhelmingly rewarding too! I try to tie in some of the likes of the person lost, or in other cases, I try to tie in the likes of the recipient, depending on who it is for. In this case, I used some football material and his school colors. I like the way it turned out, flaws and all.

Hey, and this is one more thing marked off my list!


Snot Head said...

I really think it turned out very nice.

Brenda said...

I clicked on the picture to get a closer look and it is great. Love it.