Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Getting to be a BIG GIRL!

No, not me, silly, although right about Thanksgiving, that will be a true statement too! My little Meeeeema is getting to be such a big girl that she decided to put her own pajamas on last night. As you can see, she decided to leave her shirt on, so as to make things easier, while slipping her pajama shirt over her head, gently, I assure you! Ha! You should have seen her wrestling, pulling, yanking and completely freaking out trying to put this shirt on! It was very funny! She started off in my bedroom, where she got the pajamas from in the first place, and she was shrieking, which I was getting really irritated with, so I went to see what all the noise was about, when she came walking through the hall way just like this! Too, too funny!

What is even better is that she would not have even looked at me, if she knew I had the camera. I had to say, "show mommy what you are screaming about!" That is when she turned around and I snapped this!

Hope you are having a great day!


Snot Head said...

Brightened my day! It is absolutely hilarious! :) She looks like a weirdo little elf or something in that first pic.

Deb said...

No not a weirdo little elf, a happy little pixie!! too funny