Monday, October 26, 2009

What Happens Next...

This is a question of which I can not speak, but would like to address, so PLEASE do not take offense! I will be skirting around an issue that is not about me, but easing my mind in doing so, so just flow with me on this one, ok?

What happens next? What happens when I finally realize that one wrong decision really can ruin my life? Where will I be? What will I be thinking? How will I handle it? What will I do? What happens next?

Will the door ever open again for me? Will I always feel alone? Will I understand my choices are the reason for my pain? What happens next?

What about my loved ones? What will they think? What will happen to them, in the time that I blink? What happens next?

How long will this go on? What will I be faced with? Will I survive the pain? What happens next?

How will I make it through this? How can I sustain, in this ever changing problem that I have created with no disdain? What happens next?

I must traverse, must make it through. There is nothing left to say, but what happens next?


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