Thursday, November 19, 2009

Another Kiddie Translation!

This is good stuff!

To set the stage, you must first know that my sister and I and both of my little girls were in the kitchen, so the girls could eat lunch. I was talking about always having to go to the bathroom, because I drink so much, during the day. And, then, it happened...

"All I do is drink and pee, drink and pee," I said.

"Drink and pee, drink and pee," my sister said in a sing-song voice.

"MOM, you don't dink yow pee! Dat's doss," said Boog, in a very matter of fact way!

I nearly died laughing, as I explained to her that I did not say I drink my pee! Jeez, and that I don't ever want to hear that she does that either, not that I think that will be a problem, with her response, at the very thought!

I hope your day was great!


Christina said...

I hope your day was great too! Thanks for making me smile! :)

Brenda said...

You also made me smile. Thanks

Snot Head said...

haha! So glad that is what she took away from that little mishap. lol

Melinda Arnold said...

lol too funny!

tattooedmommy said...

Too cute! Haven't been by in a while, lots of giggles catching up with your fam!!!