Wednesday, November 11, 2009


WooHoo! Yep, I am excited! I am not exactly sure why, but I am! I came home, from getting millions of groceries, yesterday to an email about a craft show this weekend! Somehow, I had not seen anything about it until she sent me the email. It is not anything earth shattering, but from 9-2 on Saturday I get to pedal my wares! Dumb right? If you, and I know some of you are, are trapped at home all day and feel like you do not have a means for contributing to your household needs, you know what I am talking about! I am thrilled, even if I don't make much, because it is MINE!

Some days I feel like NOTHING is mine! I try to eat, after having made sure the masses have food, and someone wants a bite of my MINE!

I have to pee and someone conveniently slides in under the crack in the door...bathroom time...NOT MINE!

I put on a shirt and try to look like I live among the rest of human kind and someone wipes a booger on me...clothes--NOT MINE!

I get ready for bed and as I settle in to lay my head on my pillow at night someone small rolls her curly locks right into my spot...bed--NOT MINE!

So, you see, if I can make $.15 that no one can lay claim to...WOOHOO, it's MINE!

I have been squirrel holing this money away, so as to help with Christmas, but for's MINE!!!!


tattooedmommy said...

I SO hear you!! I all but cried the other day when I came out of the store to find that my son had gone through my cds and put one of his choosing into the cd player in my van. Then he tells me that while I was pumping gas I got a text from his dad(my evil ex) and it wasn't important so he deleted it! Had to seriously restrain myself~~~
Congrats on the show!

Snot Head said...

It should be fun. Hope we have booths next to each other and hoping for success!

By the are so helping put me off children for like...EVER! haha