Monday, November 2, 2009

Sleepy Time "Baby"

Last night when S and I were going to bed, Meeeema started flipping out to get into bed with us. She screamed and cried and all the other things kids do to get our attention! So, she won, because I am a sucker, for the most part, about them sleeping in our bed and feeling safe. With that said, I will fast forward just a bit to the part where I was telling Meeeeema she is a big girl...

"M, you are a big girl and you need to sleep in your own bed," I said.

"I ont wike it bid url," M replied.

"Oh, you don't like being a big girl," I questioned.

"No, I ont wike it bid url," she replied.

"Oh, so what are you, if you aren't a big girl?"

"My baby," she resounded!

Now, that was priceless! I could not believe that my 22 month old had enough of an idea of what she wanted to say to let me know she wants to be a baby and not a big girl!


Snot Head said...

Such wonderful smart little ones! I know they can be hazardous at times, but these moments make them so amazingly priceless. They amaze me all the time!

RK said...

Thanks for your comment on my DSIRL blog. I really appreciated it!! Do you mind if I copy it over to my main blog, as the original post is there and I'd love your comments to be part of the discussion? Drop me a line if it's ok...braskasmom at gmail dot com.

Thanks for keeping up with my gang!! :o)