Sunday, November 29, 2009

Ghostly Encounter?

Ghostly encounter? I think NOT! I am sitting here catching up, while my family sleeps! Yep, you all know how I feel, I am sure! I just thought since it is Sunday and I have to get things in order for Sunday School anyway, I would get a few other things done. Yes, I usually mess around until it is likely that I will have wet hair at church, but that is another story! Anyway, I just happened to move my foot a little and someone said "hello," which completely creeped me out and for a fraction of a second, I thought I was hearing something "ghostly," but then I looked down to see that there is a toy phone, half open, in the toy play pen. I must have moved just right, so that it would talk to me! Lucky me! I nearly had a heart attack and for what?! A toy phone?! Jeez!!!

I hope you all enjoyed Thanksgiving and Survived Black Friday! I still don't think I will EVER shop on that day! I just don't care to want to smash the person next to me, just so I can get a Barbie doll 2 dollars cheaper than I can any other day! Some people get crazy over a bargain!

Anyway, have a great day!


Yarnmomma said...

I so have been there..we've had toys boxed up before (noisy ones) and out of nowhere it'll start about heart palpitations!!
Have a great Sunday!

Snot Head said...

It always seems to happen at your house! That happened to me on a stormy night once when I was the only one awake...and that was at a time when I was already scared of your house in the dark. I could have died! lol

Jen said...

We have a rocking horse that makes horse noises when the kids are on it. I was mostly sleeping in the chair with Eliza one night and I heard a 'naaayy'. I jumped out of the chair so fast I almost dropped Eliza! Only to remember that someone forgot to turn the horse off when they were done. LOL! I though a horse was IN my house! Creepy!