Friday, April 9, 2010

Crowded Bathroom And I Don't Mean Public!

Ah, as usual, I had the two littlest kids in the bathroom today. Meeeema and Boog. Both of them are a little too interested in what I do, while in the shower, so keep that in mind as you take a look into my world, please!

First off, I nearly had to drag Meeeema into the bathroom, as she shouted out the proclamation, "I not tating a towa!" I peeled her clothes off quickly and tossed her into the newly turned on shower water, while I gathered the items that are needed to complete a full blown carwash, I mean showering, experience in my house! To which she said in a startled shriek, "Da wata ids too cowld!" about a billion times! Finally, she conceded to stand there, I guess that means the water temp. regulated, as it always does. She seemed content splashing around in the shower water.

Quickly, I slipped off my pajamas and jumped in too. I got in front of her and since my presence very nearly blocks out the sun, she was pretty sure that she would surely die, before the water could reach her again! I quickly went through the motions of washing my hair, twice, and washing up too. I ended my time in the water by putting conditioner in my tangled mess of hair and turned the shower water back over to her. I washed her up too and left her to rinse.

While I shaved my stubble-covered legs, Meeeema enjoyed having all of the water to herself, again. She was shocked, as was Boog who sat patiently outside the shower, when I suddenly yowled in pain! I had nicked my ankle. "What wrong, mommy?" she squeaked. "Oh, nothing, I cut myself," I said, still frustrated by the burning sensation. I went to on tell them that is why they are NEVER to touch my razors, because it is easy to get cut, unless you know what you are doing, apparently I am not in the know! Right about the time that I thought I had gotten through to both of the, by way of mortification, Boog said, "Ya, I'b not donna have razas until I'b in pirst drade! When I'b in pirst drade, I will be a bid durl!" "Oh, no, no, no, I retorted! Not a chance! You will not have razors in first grade, so don't even think it!" I wanted to laugh, but I knew that would only encourage her!

Pray for me!



Christina said...

LOL, praying! ;)

Snot Head said...

This is wonderful! Sorry I am commenting so late. I literally have not read blogs in months. Seriously, I love small children. And the way you depict them talking is perfect. I have never known anyone more fluent in baby/toddler talk.