Saturday, April 24, 2010


Today is my birthday. It is no big production. It never has been, nor has it needed to be. Today I am going to run off with friends for a while and enjoy a day with only those taller than 5'. That alone is a comforting thought.

Today I woke up feeling ok, although my first thought, as it probably always will be for the rest of my life, was that my mom won't be here to share it with me. I wasn't really freaked out waking up that way, but I had the fleeting thought, so now, there it is, tucked into my brain for the day and probably many of the coming days. I guess birthdays, holidays and many other significant days will always be bitter sweet for some reason or other.

Today we will be celebrating in some small way, when I come home from spending the day out with my friends. We are going to grandma's to eat the FABulous chocolate cake that she sent me a phone pic of! Yep, my 76 year old grandma is a mad-texting granny, to say the least! She sent me a really up close pic of chocolate frosting yesterday, saying that was my cake and that I had to come get it! ha! What a great way to lure in house guests! So, that is on the agenda, EAT CAKE!

We will be "completing this day" with frozen pizzas and salads! I will tell you more later as to why the frozen pizzas are such a big deal, but for now, I must jump in the shower, or I am going nowhere today!

I hope you all have a great day too!

Oh, wait, I forgot to mention the best part of my day! Waking up to two restless dogs with a creepy pile of vomit in the cage they sleep in had to be the BEST part of my day, hands down! Oh well, I guess that means the rest of the day really will be cake!


Marcia said...

Oh I hope you have such a great time!

Christina said...

That sounds like a really great Birthday minus the dog puke!
Happy Birthday!! Thank you for your friendship over the past few months, I hope you have a great day. :)

Brenda said...

Hope you have a wonderful Birthday. You deserve it.

Melinda Arnold said...

Happy Birthday!!!!!