Monday, April 26, 2010

My Birthday...

I am really not trying to overdo the fact that my birthday was Saturday. I usually don't even tell people until it has past, because it is easier that way. With the invention of FaceBook, I was unable to avoid telling anyone, because it told them for me. Anyway...

I started the day off with my sister and two friends. We went to a few yarn shops and then we went to a "green store" and then we were off to eat lunch. I have recently dropped meat, almost completely (again, that is a whole other story), so my friend, K, decided that we should find some place that would "cater" to my eating habits. Finally, after that did not seem to be so easy to do, I told her I could eat anywhere. I would just find something and make it work, because almost every place has salad and salad and I are friends, so it is relatively easy for me. Anyway, we decided on a place named KoFusion, because we were STARVING, or atleast I was, and it was close!

KoFusion was a really interesting place. When we walked in, there were blue lights throughout, mood lighting if you will. It had fish tanks with color changing lights accenting each tank. It offered a small variety of Asian foods. I do NOT like fish and I was NOT going to eat any that day either! GUH ROSS! But, there was vegetarian stir fry, so I decided to order that. Everyone else ordered fishy, creepy foods to try. Adventurous girls, to say the least! I quickly found out that my sister and M were both willing to eat my mushrooms, so I started unloading them like a 4 year old, onto anything but my plate! UGH! We enjoyed our meal and decided that there was nothing more for us at KoFusion.

After leaving KoFusion, we headed off in search of a little dessert. Afterall, calories don't count on birthdays! It is a known fact! We hit a nearby bakery. There was an assortment of treasures there! I was looking for fruit smoothies, but apparently they are not quite in season yet. Funny, my household has been drinking them for a week now. I did not argue, I graciously ordered a mint chocolate chip gelato instead. Man, that stuff was good! My sister and friends ordered something too and we quickly made our exit.

We decided to head home, until an art show caught the eye of K. She asked if we wanted to go. I was a little reluctant, because I knew my husband was up to something, but was not sure what and I knew it involved grandma, who won't travel after dark, so I was a little worried we would be there too long, but after talking to him, I let my desire to see the art overtake my worries, in an emotional decision. It paid off, I guess, because it was very interesting to view all of the different art on display. The art show was called, something like, Artists Against Aids, I believe. There were many different items on display. Most were awe inspiring and wonderful. Some made a girl wanna say, "hmmm?"

When we left the art show, we headed for home. We had to drop M back off at her car and then we went to pick grandma up, before heading home. Grandma made me come in and get the birthday cake she had baked for me. That would have been wonderful and sweet, but somehow I managed to get chocolate frosting all over my shirt! Leave it to me!

I forgot to mention just how stressed I had been all day, because I knew my husband had spent WAAAAY too much money on my birthday. I was really worried that I was going to have to kill him! I was really, really worried about it! Alllllll daaaaaay loooong, I was worried!

We got to my house. K dropped my sister and I off and went back to get her youngest daughter, so they could come back to the house for the simple celebration my husband had planned. We waited until K and R got back and then we did the cake and presents thing. All the while, I warned my husband that he would be dead...dead....dead! I really meant that, until I saw what my gift was. I was blindsided in the best way possible.

I have had rolls and rolls of undeveloped film for years, more than 10 years to be honest, and he knew how much it had bothered me knowing that pictures of mom were on there. I was always worried that she would be lost, because the film would be too old, or something like that. I knew she was on them. I miss her so much and her life was on those rolls. It was literally heartbreaking, but we just had many other needs that film developing, so I left them in my closet. He snatched them up one day last week and went on a mission to get them all developed. There was no place that developed in any less than a week, so finally, Friday afternoon he took them to Walgreens and did the 1-hour developing, which turned into overnight, because there were so many of them. You all know how much 1 hour anything costs, but it really, really made my day! I was in tears for a few minutes and sobbing for few more and then we all sat down and went through all of the pictures we had been missing.

I told him that night that something as simple as film developing is probably the best gift I have EVER had!

I really enjoyed that day!

Thanks, Scott! I know you will be sneaking on here and you will see this before too long! I really means the world to me!


Elise said...

That is so incredibly sweet that he did that for your birthday.

Deb said...

Happy Birthday! That was such an awesome gift... you will have loads of fun looking through old pictures xxx

Snot Head said...

I had a wonderful day. It was very simple, but at the end of it, I don't know that there was any better way to celebrate. Again, so happy you are in my life! :)