Friday, October 31, 2008

Prayer Request

I don't fee like it is my day! I can not get into my email to put this out that way and now this site won't even let me through.

At any rate, I know a family who is having a lot of trouble with an older child and that child's problems. If you pray, please pray that he will make it through his troubles and quickly, before it ends his life! I hate to hear a mother cry and to know that there is nothing she can do unless her child decides to help himself is even worse. Please also pray that he will come out of this mess knowing that he does not want to live/die like this.

Thanks for your help!



Marcia said...

oh that is troublesome. I'll keep them in mind.

Momma B said...

I am so sad! The son is the father of one of my 11 year old's friends. Does that make sense? Anyway, Z's buddy is going to be without a dad, because he could not get his problems under control and it is very hard to swallow!

Going trick or treating is something we always do as a family, but Z called me earlier and asked if he could stay with the boy at another friend's house. I did not question it, because I think it is probably best that the other boy be surrounded by his friends right now. Z said the boy is not accepting of what is happening. Z said it is a lot like the way he felt when Maw died. He felt like we were all lying and that she would really be there.

I talked to the mother of the person with all of the problems earlier and she said he will probably be gone very soon. There really is not much hope.

I always say and will stick by this...

The person who dies is gone and the suffering is over. The people who are left behind are the ones who really suffer. AND IT SUCKS!

Cassie said...


Momma B said...

You made my day Cassie!