Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Momma, Tan I Tell Tapa Tuh Up?!?

Setting the scene: Boog, Meeeeema and I were in the kitchen cutting up broccoli, carrots and cucumbers for the kids to eat when they got home from school. Meeeeema was cruising around, minding her own, in the walker and Boog was crammed up my---I mean, standing right by my side, so she could get the inside scoop, better known as any cheater bites, on the veggies I was preparing. The kitchen window was open. Our dog, Stafa the big Rott., was and still is tied up to the tree just outside of the kitchen window.

Boog, "Momma, tan I tell Tapa to tuh up?"

I say,"Boog, why do you want to tell Stafa to shut up?"

Boog, "Betuz she is yel-wing!"

I say, "Stafa is yelling?"

Boog, "Yep!"

I say, "Why is Stafa yelling?"

Boog, "Eiosiure wkldjoiwe owur kj doie!"

I say, "Are you sure, Boog?"

Boog, "Yep!"

I say, "K, Boog?"

What the hell ever! I was totally following her until we got into the crazed mumbo jumbo that completely blew all the confidence that I had in my own ability to understand my little girl's language!

Just another day in paradise! Right? Tell me I am not the only one who lives in this world they call Paradise?!?!?!?


knitalittle said...

Hey just swap my two youngest kids with your two and I can't tell the who's kid was who's. Kids have their own lingo. Just another day in..... the life of moms :)

Marcia said...

LOL! My brother said his daughter spoke Chinese. I asked if babies in China speak English. He said they must. What other possible explanation could there be?

Momma B said...

Now you see it, now you don't! That's right folks! I don't know how many noticed that I spelllllled bracuhly wrong before I did, but NOW I FIXED IT!

You got it! I am a spelling freak too! It must not be all bad, because I have one not so stellar student, but the kid can spell! A kid needs one strong point, right?!?