Monday, October 27, 2008

Deliciously Steamy Chai For Me

Man, can you see that steam rising from my perfectly hot and wonderful cup of vanilla chai tea?

Jealous, you say?

Too damned bad for you, 'cause it is all for me!

Maybe one, maybe two and maybe even three cups a day and it is allllllllll for me!!!


Oh, don't cry!

I am sure someone will bring you a cup, but rest assured that it won't be me!


Marcia said...

I've never had vanilla chai before, just the regular stuff. Hm. Something to look for, I suppose.

Momma B said...

No advertisement intended, but I love Oregon Chai! I buy the boxes of prepackaged envelopes. I only tried the vanilla when the store was out of the spiced chai. I think I like it better.

WA said...

Good to know about the vanilla. I tried the Spiced Chai & let's just say it didn't agree with me so much.

Momma B said...

Did it have the same effect as the Flax Chips??? Ha! Sorry, but I just couldn't help myself!