Thursday, October 30, 2008

You Need A Band Aid Mom?

Ok, this totally fits into TMI(Too Much Information), but I have decided that almost everyone can handle what I have to say, so TDB(Too Damned Bad)!

Let's just say that I started this morning. I am a baby feeder, so that starting thing seems to have a mind of its own lately! Anyway, I was working with a winged object from Wendi Aaron's favorite distributor when Boog looked up at me with her best, I totally get what you're saying face and said, "Mom, you need a band aid?"

WTF!?! Are you serious??? I almost died, but I did my best, are you f'ing kidding me face and said, "Yes Boog, Mommy needs a band aid!"

Please tell me why it always happens to me??? Please??? Some insight needed here!


Marcia said...

that's a way to start the day. Not one I'd choose, but I don't suspect you would have either.

Momma B said...

Surely noone will be surprised when a few days from now, I have something to say about her having "band aids" all over the place!