Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Super Heroes and Super Villains!

This is something that I emailed to my mom on August 5th, 2006. I guess I liked it, because I thought I should share it with you all!

Remember the story of the little boys who did not want anything to eat at the family reunion?

The first little boy did not want anything but chips to eat at the family reunion. This dear, sweet, little devil, only ate chips and chips and chips. When the little boy finally made it home, he was nearly asleep in his car seat. The thought of him taking a nap was truly exciting to his mother. She was almost giddy with delight, until another child mentioned taking a nap, which quickly crushed the mother's dream of a little peace and quiet. Anyway, the little boy popped awake and flung into action as the mother's arch nemesis, Screamin' Banshee Boy! Screamin' Banshee Boy, by the way, had not eaten lunch either. He proceeded to eat a brownie, yogurt, pizza, and some starbursts and, of course, more chips! After eating his fill, Screamin' Banshee Boy needed to make MEGA POOP! Lucky for the mother, she was able to use her super shirt, by pulling it over her nose, in order to shield herself from the ATOMIC STINK!!! (Go Mom!) And, the day was saved!

The other little angel, who also decided not to eat much at the family reunion, was sooooo sleepy that he asked the mother to stop the Mom Mobile, so she could put a diaper on him, because he wanted to be able to go to sleep before they ever even made it home. The mother told the little boy that she was not going to be able to put the diaper on him until they made it back to the Super Lair, because they were not far from home. He seemed content. The little boy ate a brownie and watched some TV, as soon as he made it home. He then took a much needed nap, much to the mother's liking! After his 2 hour nap, the little boy woke up. First, he went outside to play for a little while. Then, he followed the mother back into the house and proceeded to transform into Bottomless Pit Boy! The little boy, who was clearly not hungry earlier in the day, ate yogurt, peach, cherries, pizza, and a banana! What a beautiful end to a super hero's day!!! Noone was foiled, other than maybe the mother, who is thoroughly exhausted!


Marcia said...

it never ceases to amaze me how much small children can get away with NOT eating and then, when you least expect it, consume everything in sight.

Cassie said...

I have noticed over the years that kids are very intuitive with their eating. They eat when hungry, stop when full and don't eat if they aren't hungry. I offer food but never force the issue. So far, twelve years later, that are all growing and strong. LOL!

bernthis said...

This is why I was "one and done" oh and there was the fact that I'm divorced and way late in the game to pop out another baby.

(found you through Wendi Aarons.) I agree, she is hilarious.