Thursday, January 15, 2009

-5 at 1 o' clock?

Are you freaking kidding me? I mean, seriously? I am soooooooo stinking cold! It is -5 at 1 and I am pretty sure that I live in Illinois and not ALASKA! What the heck? My feet are freezing! And, because I don't like breathing hot air while I sleep, I had to sleep in a sweatshirt and pajama pants with long john's underneath! UGH! There is nothing worse than having to sleep in full gear! I even had two pairs of socks on! First thing this morning, I got up and turned the vent back on in my room! Did I mention that I have had the faucet running for a good 17 hours now? That's right, we had to turn it on early, because we live on a concrete slab and if the pipes freeze, someone will have to jackhammer up our entire kitchen!

How are the rest of you doing?

Anyone else froze to the ground?

Oh, and, I think I failed to mention that this wonderful weather has prompted a two-day and hopefully not 3 day school closing, which means my house is full of kids and everything that goes with them! It would be different if they were all calm and sweet natured all of the time, but come on! There are 6 full time kids and that means trouble--some time, some how, some way they will find it!

Have a great day!


Cassie said...

Stay warm!!!!

Marcia said...

Oh goodness! Drink lots of hot beverages. I personally recommend chai. I don't even have a clue as to what advice to give you other than try not to completely loose your mind! Oh. and what Cassie said. Stay warm.

life with my three boys said...

well, the boys have both taken turns having their feet frozen, so they are tired of it also...that's why i haven't really bothered you-since the house id full of kiddies. is the little one feeling better? good luck. heaven is soooo upset about not going to school-she will have been out a month and 1 day on tuesday when they go back. ttyl...miss ya tons!

bernthis said...

I have to tell you, I would be losing my mind about now. Good luck.

Momma B said...

Today is day three of "no school," so I am thinking that I am going on strike over summer break and the person who started all of this can keep my kids, because I will just flat refuse! I am so tired of the scratching, bitching, pinching, fighting, biting, screaming which is mostly coming from me, and everything else that has been going on!

I can say that today is better than yesterday, because after my total meltdown the kids decided that they might want to cut the crap before my f'ing head exploded all over the living room walls!

Hey, I know that I am far from perfect, but I am pretty damned good at getting my point across!

WA said...

OK, I have to admit that it's 70 degrees here in Austin today. BUT, and this is a big but, the cedar trees are in bloom, making everyone sick, so you can't go outside anyway. Wah.

Stay warm!!