Tuesday, January 6, 2009

This Just Sucks!

I just read something on MSN about Patrick Swayze's battle with pancreatic cancer and it is making me crazy! I hate the idea of someone going through cancer--anyone going through cancer! Any type of cancer! Any type of person!

I hate it!

I hate it!

I hate it!


I sit here with one tear down my cheek and think about what my mom was going through when she first figured out that things were not going to be pretty and after reading his story, I just can't even think straight!

I guess this is better than shutting down all together?! I am just plain PISSED OFF!


Marcia said...

yes, it's very sad. and it sucks.

life with my three boys said...

i am very sorry you are upset...it does stink tons, and u know more than anybody that letting it out is better than shutting down. yes life is crazy, but i am here for you. love you tons and tons!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Snot Head said...

Hey lady, I got a new book called Eat this, Not that. It teaches you all the choices to make to eat healthier, less fat food with less empty calories in it. He talks A LOT about cancer prevention, diabetes prevention, heart disease prevention and so on. You'll have to look at it. I know you know how to make most of the right choices, but it's a neat thing. I am so glad I found it because it is just what I have been looking for. I needed someone to just tell me flat out what is good and what is bad. I want to know that if I ever get cancer, I didn't help the cancer grow. I love you, and I'm sorry it has to hurt and enrage us so much when we see others and their families going through our same struggle. I know your heart nearly jumps out of your throat wishing there was something you could do to change it all. Maybe by word of mouth we can really get people to start eating healthier and taking care of themselves better and take that preventative action.

bernthis said...

I will never understand why bad things happen to good people.