Friday, January 2, 2009

'Bout to Pee My Pants!

As I stand at the kitchen sink quite literally feeling like I am about to pee my pants, I realize that my daily routine is as such:

Need to fold the laundry (bout to pee my pants!).

Gotta wash the dishes (bout to pee my pants!).

Man, do I smell poop (bout to pee my pants!)?

Yep, better clean it up (bout to pee my pants!)!

Wish someone would take care of these kids (bout to pee my pants!)!

Ugh, who says we have to eat dinner (bout to pee my pants!!!)?

See ladies, I would probably be a million times better off if I would just go to the damned bathroom and stop trying to do one more thing before going! Instead, I get so frustrated, as I am RIGHT NOW, because I want to finish as many things as I possibly can before finally allowing myself to stop off at the trusty porcelain throne!

I am really, really about to pee my pants!

1 comment:

Marcia said...

I do that too! Another that I'm bad at is drinking water. I'll think "I'm thirsty" for hours before I get a drink. Not good. Working on that one though!