Monday, September 21, 2009

Here, now, we are catching up to the herd of Sweet Ants, making their trek for water across the wild wetlands known as the Bathroom Sinkengetti, when out of nowhere, there is a thunderous noise! What is that noise? Why, it seems to be coming from EVERYWHERE! That's right little ants, scurry! Scurry with all your might! There might be a chance if you can make it to the narrow space between the bathroom sink and the wall!

The signal of terror has been sounded and all of the ants charge back up the basin of the sink, their only intent is to get out of harms way! They have little hope! All hope is taken from them in one swipe as the giant beast they only know as MommaB swings her enormous and relentless hand down upon them, crushing half the herd with one smashing blow! That MommaB really is a beast! She says a whole slew of words that make no sense to the herd, but certainly mean death to all who enter!

With another swipe of her hand, she takes out the rest of the herd and thoughtlessly washes them down the sink, dead and alive alike.

Today we mourn the loss of the Sweet Ant herd that dared to make the trek across the wet Sinkengetti!

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Snot Head said...

Fantastic!! Very entertaining.