Wednesday, September 23, 2009


I knew that my 200th post should be a big one, ha, not really! I am not really like that, but if my 200th post should have been a big one, I think this is the biggest big one it could be. It is not happy though. I was reading one of the blogs that I follow and found this post. Please say a prayer for Chloe. My heart goes out to them!

During the time I was reading up on some blogs I read about this beautiful family.

They are the Sullivan Family and they truly need our

From what I read this is a family of a Husband/Wife and a adorable baby names Chloe. The Wife named Sara had breast cancer while she was pregnant with Chloe. She had Chloe last week and they were home just two days when things took a turn and Sara began to have a seizure. Since then she was put on life support and yesterday she went onto Heaven. The Husband is now to care for Chloe...

I know that our God knows the situation and he has a greater plan than we could ever imagine..

Please I ask that you would pray for them and stop by their blog and leave some words of encouragement & love.

Thank you,



Yarnmomma said...

Sweets..........How are you??

Here I thought I was already a follower and I was wondering why on earth I hadn't read up on your posts....Come to find out..I wasn't a follower...GOOD GRAVY!!

This story breaks my heart...It really makes you think..and put life into perspective...we NEVER know where the road leads in our life..

Thank you for posting..The more prayers, the more Chloe, her father and family are touched

Snot Head said...

Wow...I just cannot even imagine! I hope he has a good support system to help him take on such a huge task...It just isn't supposed to work that way. Poor baby will never know her momma either. Thanks for letting us know. :(

won said...

Tardy for the party again....please forgive me!

Congrats on 200.

Much love!