Wednesday, September 9, 2009

This is a pic I took with my phone, yesterday, before I went into the doctor's office. You like it?

*update* I am allergic to the beauties that are best left wild, so I guess it wasn't the bugs afterall! They gave me a SHOT and told me to take Claritin and go on about my itchy business! I only went, because I kept getting new welts and well, you know, looking like a leper is not something I am fond of!

My DUMB ASS (yep, I said it) decided to pick some wild flowers out of a ditch on my way home from getting diapers today. I have been eyeballing them for weeks, because they are bright yellow and they are beautiful!

The only problem is that they had these little black bugs all over them, so I thought I would just shake off the bugs! When that did not work, I hit them on the ground, until I decided the bugs were not going to come off, so I discarded them, or left them for dead, rather, in the middle of the country road! This is all well and good, right? There were a few of those bugs stuck to my hand, so I wiped them off on my pants and got back into my car.

Still good, right? Yep, or so I thought, until I went out to take my son, Z, to football practice. I got into the suburban and started driving. By the time I made it two miles out of town, my finger, right up around my ring, started to itch. This is not abnormal, considering the allergies that I have. After a little while, I realize the itch is traveling up my forearm. Still within the boundaries of normal itchy cooties, for me, but then I decided to throw some food in the crock pot and head back out to the park, with a few of the kids. We had a good time, short, but good, but I just kept itching like MAD! I am so stinking itchy that I decided to take Benadryl! I am COVERED in little and larger than little bites! They all itch so stinkin' bad I could scream! I am itching, as I type!

There are patches and clumps and welts and no I don't think I have poison anything! I think those little bastards got revenge on me for beating their family to death on the road!

Great idea, MommaB! You just had to have those pretty flowers for your table!!



Brenda said...

Do you have any idea what these bugs were? I know I'm staying away from them. I'm so bad about picking wild flowers. Hope you feel better.

Snot Head said...

I really, really wish you had posted some pictures of your skin disease! Sorry about that, but at least it did not happen before the wedding. ;o)

Momma B said...

You know, I tried and tried to take a pic of my own arm, but I could not get it to work!

Christina said...

Oh no!!!! I missed this post!! Stay away from the flowers lady!!! Holy cow, hope your feeling better!