Thursday, September 3, 2009

I Give You Jack!

Yes, this is Jack!

Or, rather, this is my version of Jack Skellington!

Isn't he cute?

What, you think he is creepy?


He is going to be a flower girl basket at my sister's wedding!

Don't look so appalled!

My sister's husband to be, really soon actually, has not gotten lucky enough to have his tastes reflected in anything in the wedding, other than the cake topper, but that is a whole other blog entry, so I made a little basket for one of the flower girls. The first basket is made of elegant brown silk. This one, is made of ELEGANT acrylic yarn! Yep, I said it, ELEGANT yarn! ha! I love yarn, but who am I kidding?!? Either way, it is cute, because it is a flair of personality, rather than the same old thing that everyone else who has ever gotten married has had! I am proud to help out!

I might add that he is a big fan of the movie the Nightmare Before Christmas. That explains the need for Jack's presence at the wedding!

Have a goulish, I mean great, day!


Brenda said...

Very cute. I'm a fan of Jack.

Deb said...

Funny funny funny!

Snot Head said...

If he would have helped plan this shin dig, he could have had more say. That being said, I love the little Jack! I am happy to have unique tid bits that will make people scratch their heads. ;o)