Saturday, September 20, 2008

Baby gets me through a bad, sad day! And, a thank you to those who matter most!

Man, I really miss you mom! It's been a whole year!

Man, I really miss you mom! Just wish you were here!

Make myself a cup of chai, sit down in the 'puter chair.

All at once my little one is awake and aware!

It's ok Macy May, I say into her ear.

Momma will feed you in a bit you sweet little dear.

Once she's fed, she must burp! And what a burp it was!!!

I said, jeez, sounds like you'll puke. Suddenly there it was!

All at once, I felt warm milk slipping down my chest!

In another moment's pass, it ran down my back!

Well, Macy May, I thought we were going to have a sad day,

But you seemed to have had your say!

I guess, mom, you are still here!

I can hear your laughter in my ears!!!

Yes, girls, yesterday was the day. September 19, 2008 was the one year anniversary of the death of my BELOVED mother!

She was only 46, much too young to die.

God had other plans for her and all of us must rely

On the strength that she instilled in us to make it through the years!

Without her all we have is memories and tears!

She was very strong and MEAN, but what else would one expect

From the one who solely raised five kids?!? She was a lunatic!

I miss my mom so dearly, but never would I ask,

For her to come back to me in the shape that she was!

My family has been blessed with a wonderful, strong, helpful, willing and just plain crazy bunch of women who do their best to uphold the things that my mother would have wished for! They help keep us on the path, even if they don't tread that path themselves! They look out for all the things that she would have just KNOWN were going to happen and promptly say I told you so, as mom probably instructed them to do! They all are dear to me and I thank each and every one for being in my life!

Damn, I can't believe I am about to compromise my anonymity and sign this, but it is for the best, I guess!

I love you all!


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Marcia said...

I suspect that there is little anyone can say to ease the pain, but I am sad for you to have said good-bye to your mother. I am glad you have good people in your life, and I think we all need a little crazy from time to time.