Tuesday, September 9, 2008

I need to know...

Why, oh why, must I be embarassed that one of the neighbors might be outside with their dog, picking weeds, or an innocent traveler might be driving by in the morning when I am trying to wake my kids up??? I swear that it must sound like the tornado whistle to those who are not familiar with my whining and screaming tactic!!! I am already sick to death of trying to wake them up in the morning! Every time I have to "freak out" to get someone out of bed, I start to threaten an even earlier bed time the next night and that very night I am still trying get said offender to go to sleep at almost 10p.m.!!!

The brings up the important question...

Anyone want some kids???

I have all shapes, sizes, and ages, in both genders!

Any takers???


Ok, fine, I guess I'll keep 'em all!

Thanks for your help!?!?!?!


Sandra said...

LOL! I know one of your neighbors and I'm sure he is just sitting there with this sh*t eatin' grin on his face while listening to you wake the kids up.
And thanks for the memories....I miss the days of yelling upstairs (because I was too lazy to WALK my butt up the stairs!) to wake children up. I really only had one slacker in the morning so I guess out of three, that's not too bad?
I'm so glad you started this blog, Momma B, it should be a good release! Where was the internet when my kids were young.....wait a minute, where was anything "cool" when my kids were young?!

Cassie said...

When my kids get that way with bedtimes, we start cutting out all media. Period. End of discussion. After a few days, they catch on pretty quickly.